Nursing Assistant Atlanta Curriculum

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology offers a Nursing Assistant program to students in Atlanta looking to start their medical career as an entry-level nursing assistant. This program gives students the education, training, and experience necessary to pass the Georgia Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Examination and pursue entry-level employment in hospitals, long-term care facilities and a number of other healthcare settings.

Learn Everything You Need to Know for Success

Students in the Nursing Assistant program experience 5-weeks of in-depth training in a wide range of critical topics including:

  • Basics of healthcare
  • Recording and capturing vital signs
  • General patient care
  • Medication administration

This program includes a hands-on nursing externship that helps students prepare for work in the field. After successful completion of this program, students are prepared to be a part of a larger patient care team including physicians, nurses and other professionals.

Explore the Benefits of Cambridge’s Atlanta Nursing Assistant Program

Students who choose Cambridge’s Nursing Assistant program often do so because of the many benefits we offer. Some of these benefits include:

Exam preparation: We offer exam preparation assistance for students eligible to take the Georgia Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Examination through During the program, students receive practice exams, prep study groups and one-on-one support for success.

Externship in the Atlanta area: Cambridge partners with several healthcare facilities located in and around Atlanta to provide students with the hands-on training they need to be successful. Students work with experienced care teams and individuals already employed in the nursing field.

Experienced instructors: Our instructors have years of experience in the healthcare and nursing field. This allows them to help students understand real-world situations and provide knowledgeable advice throughout the length of the program.

Students are required to take and pass courses required for the Nursing Assistant program including:

Required CoursesClock Hours
NA101 Nursing Assistant85
NA102 Nursing Assistant Externship (prerequisite-NA101)35
Total Hours120