Medical Lab Technician Palm Beach Experience

Learn More About Your Medical Lab Technician Program Experience in Palm Beach

Medical lab technicians get to work behind the scenes to help diagnose medical conditions. By testing blood and bodily fluid samples using specialized equipment, medical lab techs spot abnormal results that signal illness and disease. And by communicating these results to professionals, they help patients return to health.

These positions are in high demand across the country. Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology can help prepare you for a successful career as a medical lab technician.

Become a Medical Lab Technician in Only Two Years

Cambridge offers an in-depth Medical Lab Technician program to students in Palm Beach. The program only takes two years to complete. During your time with us in Palm Beach, you’ll learn the knowledge and skills you need for career success inside a spacious learning environment.

How Cambridge Supports Your Studies in Palm Beach

At Cambridge, we want nothing more than to see you succeed. That’s why our Palm Beach campus is large and open to provide a comfortable learning experience. Plus, our staff is always available for study assistance or encouragement. From your first day to graduation, we’re here to support you.

The Benefits of Attending Our Palm Beach Campus

Our Palm Beach campus is located on the campus of the Delray Medical Center in beautiful Delray Beach. The campus is easily accessible from anywhere in Palm Beach, making it a great choice for those who must commute.

If you choose our Palm Beach campus, here are some benefits you can expect:

  • Industry-current lab facilities: It’s best to learn using the same equipment you’ll use in the field. Our lab houses the high-tech and industry-current equipment for you to use as you train.
  • Externship programs: There’s nothing better than hands-on experience in real-world work environments. Through our partnerships with local lab facilities, we offer externship programs where you can hone your newfound skills.
  • Experienced faculty: Our instructors have a wide range of healthcare backgrounds. As you study, you’ll gain real-world insights from your teachers that you won’t gain elsewhere.

Our Palm Beach campus is located near plenty of restaurants, night clubs and sunny beaches. It’s the perfect place for school/life balance.

Start Your New Career Today—Reach Out to Cambridge!

If you’re ready to start your new career as a medical lab technician, we’re ready to help! To learn more about our program or to apply today, give us a call at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.