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What Are Subjects in Information Technology Programs?

Whether you’re a computer novice or have built your own PC from scratch, an IT program can give you a leg up in the industry and open the doorway to higher-level positions. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to information technology, and you’re probably wondering what skills you’ll acquire by accomplishing a degree program

IT programs share some core concepts, and each has its own set of essential subjects. Let’s dive into their shared topics as well as their program-specific courses. 

Data Management

When you’re in IT, you help maintain an organization’s infrastructure. That’s why you learn data management for any IT role you take. Learn how to process, store and organize important data to keep it accurate and accessible to essential team players. You’ll learn data privacy laws, how to work data management systems, and how to update databases. 

Technology Security, Privacy and Ethics

Big or small, businesses and organizations need to follow a set of ethics and privacy laws. This can include database privacy and cloud security. You may develop your ability to identify threats and improve security for cloud-based systems, or how to secure private data. Master industry best practices and how to implement and maintain them no matter where you work.

Coding, Scripting and Programming

Interpreting code and translating it into a task is a fundamental IT skill you’ll gain. Depending on your role, you’ll learn how to write and transcribe code, or different scripting languages such as Javascript. You’ll understand how to program computers to do tasks using scripting languages and programming skills. 

Subjects Specific to Computer Networking

Here are some of the essential courses you can look forward to taking in a Computer Network program:

  • Implementing and Administering Network Solutions
  • Cloud Deployment and Operations
  • Software Engineering
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Cloud Platform Solutions and Architecture

Subjects Specific to Cyber and Network Security

Some of the subjects and skills you’ll learn in the Cyber and Network Security program include: 

  • Risk Management
  • Introduction to Cryptography
  • Managing Cloud Security
  • Information Systems Security
  • Emerging Technologies in Cybersecurity

Subjects Specific to Health Information Technology

Some of the subjects you’ll learn in health IT include:

  • Health Data Content and Structure
  • ICD-10 and CPT/HCPCS
  • Medical Terminology
  • Health Information Systems

Subjects Specific to Data and Project Management

Skills you’ll walk away with after your Data and Project Management program include:

  • Project Budgeting
  • Business Accounting
  • Data Foundations and Applications
  • Business and Data Analytics
  • Healthcare Project Management 

Subjects Specific to Data Management & Analytics

Part of the Data Management & Analytics curriculum includes the following:

  • Database Server Administration
  • Data Wrangling with MongoDB
  • Data Science
  • Data Analysis with R
  • Data Visualization

Subjects Specific to Health Information Management

Skills you’ll develop in the Health Information Management program include:

  • Healthcare Records Data Management
  • CPT and HCPCS Coding
  • Coding and Classification Systems
  • Data Governance for the HIM Profession
  • Legal & Ethical Aspects of Health Information Management

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