Is a Degree in Project Management Worth It

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If you’re excited to break into the field of project management, you might be wondering if a project management degree is worth it. While you can find an entry-level project management role without a degree, you’ll miss out on the many opportunities a Bachelor’s program provides.

Advantages of a Project Management Degree

There are multiple benefits to completing a Bachelor’s degree in Project Management, and these benefits can help you enter the field quickly so you can start earning more income immediately. Here are some major advantages to having a Bachelor’s degree:

  • Meet employer qualifications: You’re far more likely to enter your career field with a Bachelor’s degree than without one. Many companies require a certain level of education to prove your qualifications and competence, and having a degree will make you desirable to potential employers. 
  • Develop essential skills and knowledge: Completing a Bachelor’s program will prepare you for any project management situation. You’ll develop vital skills that are otherwise challenging to learn through self-study, such as microcomputer applications and trends in project management. 
  • Obtain desirable certifications: Earning certifications through your Bachelor’s program will give you a leg up in the industry. At Cambridge, we prepare students to pass the CompTIA ITF+ and CompTIA A+ certification exams. We also prepare you for the Associate Certified Analytics Professional (aCAP), Structured Query Language-Related, and Associate in Project Management exam certifications.
  • Accelerate your career path: While it is possible to get a job in project management without a degree, it may take considerable time without the proper credentials. You may not start as a project manager at a company and spend years working toward that promotion. Completing our 75-week program will save you from missing out on years of opportunities and income potential.
  • Experience job security: According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, project management has a predicted job growth of 9% between 2020 and 2030, which means project managers will be in high demand for the foreseeable future.

Cambridge’s Bachelor of Science in Project Management

If you need an affordable program that works with your busy schedule, our Bachelor’s program is for you. Our 100% online program was designed for students who need time to work and take care of their families, and who can’t spend years commuting to and from class. 

In our comprehensive program, you’ll learn important project management skills such as:

  • Project performance, quality management and assurance
  • Customer relationship management, negotiation and competitive decision making
  • Project cost, risk and liability analysis
  • Managing projects under uncertainty
  • Technical communications
  • Project and process communications management and leadership
  • Purchasing and sourcing management
  • Technology ethics
  • Web development foundations

You’ll also receive some general education classes to round out your soft skills. Our experienced instructors are industry experts who provide important insights into the field. With our job placement services, you’ll be ready for employment as soon as you graduate from the program

Advance Your Career in Project Management at Cambridge

Start your career in project management with our Bachelor of Science in Project Management program. You’ll have your choice of industry to work in, from healthcare to marketing. To learn more about our program and student services, call us today at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.

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