How Hard Is a Data & Project Management Career

How Hard Is a Data & Project Management Career?

Data and project management professionals are critical to all industries. From managing critical projects to gathering data that helps guide decisions, these professionals help businesses grow. 

Both data science and project management may sound difficult. Rest assured, they’re not as hard as they seem. You can start a career in either niche with the proper training and experience. Plus, no matter which path you choose, you’ll experience a rewarding career in a growing field.

The Challenges in a Data & Project Management Career

First, it’s important to be aware of the challenges you might face, whether you choose data science or project management as your niche.

Data Science Challenges

Data scientists and analysts use databases and numbers every single day on the job. Many of the challenges revolve around this use of numbers. Some of these challenges include:

  • Managing many data sources and databases: You’ll be responsible for managing various sources and databases that hold critical business data. Although you’ll have tools to help you succeed, learning those tools can be a bit challenging at first.
  • Working through the details: Data science is detailed work. With many data sources and an endless amount of data, this career path is best suited for individuals who find joy in the small details of a project.
  • Analyzing data: Data analysis involves wrangling important data and analyzing it to extract various insights. With so much data out there, deciding which data is worth digging into can be challenging as a beginner in the field.
Project Management Challenges

Project managers are responsible for moving business projects forward. The challenges in this role revolve around the complexity of projects and working with a team:

  • Communicating with project members: Communication can be a challenge when members of a team project are spread out across various departments.
  • Organizing projects: Project organization can be challenging when a project demands many steps and goals.
  • Using project management tools: Project management tools such as communication apps are available to help you with your responsibilities as a manager. Yet, these tools often have a learning curve and require practice.
A Data & Project Management Program Will Help You Prepare

So, is a data and project management career hard? Any new career will be a challenge at first. Yet, with the right training, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. Our Data & Project Management program will help prepare you for your daily work so you can be successful in your new career.

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