Data & Project Management Program Frequently Asked Questions

Students interested in data science or project management careers find everything they need for success at Cambridge. We offer two Data & Project Management programs to help prepare you for many entry-level positions within the data science and project management field.

What Is Project & Data Management?

Project and data management is broken down into two parts: project management and data analysis Project management involves using work skills and technology to move projects forward within an organization. Data analysis involves harnessing, wrangling and obtaining insights from an organization’s critical data.

What Do Project Management Support Professionals Do?

Your daily activities will differ depending on the career path you choose. For example, as a project manager, you’ll spend your day planning and organizing internal projects while directing teams to ensure projects are completed on time.

What Do Data Analysts Do?

As a data science analyst, your responsibilities are vast. For example, you’ll analyze data that will help move businesses forward. You’ll also wrangle important data and analyze it to extract insights. These insights help businesses and organizations address targeted issues that prevent their growth.

What Jobs Can I Get in Data Science & Project Management?

There is a wide range of careers available in both data science and project management. Some of the positions in data science include:

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Analytics Consultant
  • Data Science Technician
  • Healthcare Data Analyst

Some of the positions in project management include:

  • Project Manager Assistant
  • Data Project Manager
What Is the Job Outlook for Data Science & Project Management?

The job outlook for data analysis and project management depends on your chosen career path. Yet, careers within this space are in high demand as technology continues to evolve. 

For example, the data analyst technician career is expected to grow by 18% between 2018 and 2028, which is much faster than average growth. And project management careers are expected to grow by 8% in the coming years.

Whether you want to focus on data analysis or project management, either path is a solid choice for your future. You’ll be able to use your skills coupled with technology to move any industry forward.

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