Should I Become a Medical Lab Technician?

Is a Medical Lab Technician a Good Career?

Everyone wants a job that aligns with their unique talents and interests. If you’re the kind of person who is a stickler for details, is great at multitasking and you like having order and routine as part of your life, then you might want to consider joining the healthcare field as a medical lab technician (sometimes called a clinical laboratory technologist).

6 Signs You Could Thrive as a Medical Laboratory Tech

Cambridge has offered an Associate’s degree for medical lab technicians (MLTs) for many years. We’ve found that people who complete their degree and go on to enjoy successful lab careers often share at least a few characteristics in common.

1. You Are Into Science

MLTs often enjoy subjects like chemistry, physiology and biology. Knowledge of tissues and cells is important. So is a deep understanding of the way chemical compounds interact. You definitely don’t need to be a science whiz right away. If you have an interest and a willingness to learn, everything you need to know will be taught in your Cambridge classes.

2. You Are Detail-Oriented

Like most medical jobs, lab technician roles need people who pay attention to the details. You’ll be examining and analyzing samples, calibrating testing equipment, preparing reagents and solutions—all kinds of tasks that require careful attention to detail. The smallest things can affect patients in big ways.

3. You Appreciate a Routine

Medical lab technologists do extremely important work, but it can feel repetitive at times. If you can stay focused when performing similar tasks multiple times a day, then you’ll be much appreciated by your coworkers and patients. Don’t forget, many medical facilities allow their MLTs to rotate through different parts of the lab to add some variety. 

4. You Like Working Behind the Scenes

If you don’t like the spotlight or don’t necessarily think you’re a people person, that’s perfectly okay. The majority of your time as a medical lab tech is spent analyzing data and supporting patients in behind-the-scenes ways. 

5. You Are Seeking a Stable Career in a Growing Field

Who doesn’t want job security? Medical lab technicians have that. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says employment of MLTs is expected to rise 11% by 2030. That’s nearly 26,000 job openings per year. And, our aging population is expected to cause a greater demand for MLT skills in the future. 

6. You Are Eager to Start Working

Unlike surgeons or other doctors, MLTs don’t have to spend 10+ years and hundreds of thousands of dollars on education before they can work. You can launch an MLT career in less than two years. Cambridge’s Associate’s degree program is 75 weeks (about 1.5 years). 

Ready to Explore a Career as a Medical Lab Tech?

Do the characteristics described here sound like you? If so, it might be time to examine the possibility of a medical lab technologist career. When you’re ready to talk to an advisor about how Cambridge can help you achieve your MLT goal, call 877-206-4279 or send us a message and we’ll reach out to you.