Do Medical Assistants Give Shots or Take Blood in Orlando?

Medical assistants support patient care. Since every patient is different and requires unique care, a medical assistant’s responsibilities can vary each day. However, if you’re considering a career as an MA, you might be wondering if you’ll need to give shots or take blood.

The truth is, medical assistants do give injections, including immunizations, shots for disease treatment and more. Many MAs also perform venipunctures to draw blood for lab testing. It all depends on whether your program includes phlebotomy training, if you become certified in Phlebotomy, and if your employer requires you to draw blood.

The medical assistant program at Cambridge covers phlebotomy training, so you will have the confidence to perform this critical responsibility.

What Other Responsibilities Do Medical Assistants Have?

Giving injections and drawing blood are just a couple of the many responsibilities you may have as a medical assistant. For example, you’ll also be responsible for:

  • Taking and charting patient vital signs
  • Scheduling patient appointments
  • Collecting and recording patient health histories
  • Filing insurance claims
  • Explaining treatment to patients
  • Answering patient questions and returning patient calls and messages

Most medical assistants have a mix of administrative and clinical tasks they’ll need to perform, depending on where they work. You can work in a wide range of settings, including hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, long-term care facilities and more.

Medical Assistants Are Critical Parts of the Patient Care Team

Medical assistants fill the gaps in patient care. One moment, you might be comforting a child who just had an injection and the next moment, you might be calling a patient to tell them their good test results. As a medical assistant, your role will be crucial to patient care success.

Become an MA With Cambridge

Do you want to become a medical assistant? If so, there are some steps you’ll need to take first. After receiving your high school diploma, you’ll then need to attend an accredited medical assistant program, such as the one offered through Cambridge.

Our MA program takes approximately 36 weeks to complete. After you finish your program, you’ll need to take the certification exam. You’ll be eligible to sit for the RMA, CMA and NCCT national exams as well as the Phlebotomy exam for certification.

After certification, you’re ready for entry-level employment as a medical assistant.

Is Becoming a Medical Assistant the Right Choice for You?

Cambridge can help you decide if becoming a medical assistant in Orlando is the right next step for you. To learn more about our medical assistant program or to apply today, give us a call at 877-206-4279 or send us a message. We can’t wait to hear from you!