Do Medical Assistants Give Shots or Take Blood in Miami?

Wondering about the responsibilities you may have as a medical assistant? Your day-to-day responsibilities will center on great patient care. As a medical assistant, you’ll play a critical role in ensuring patients receive the care they need to heal. And this means that you may need to give injections or take blood.

Medical Assistants Can Give Injections & Take Blood

Each day, you may be required to give injections such as immunizations or antibiotics to patients with certain medical conditions. Giving injections is a common responsibility most medical assistants share. After all, injections are given to all age groups across medical practice areas. They’re also a requirement for many medical treatments.

By completing a medical assistant program, you’ll receive the training you need to be able to give injections with confidence.

Phlebotomy Requires Training & Additional Certification

Unlike administering injections, to perform venipunctures or draw blood, you’ll need additional certification. Many medical assistant programs, such as the one offered through Cambridge, will include phlebotomy training. This means you can sit for the national certification exam and become certified in phlebotomy.

Once certified, you have the option to draw blood in your day-to-day work as well. Of course, whether or not you perform venipunctures will be up to your employer.

Other Responsibilities Medical Assistants Have

There are so many other things you’ll have the opportunity to do each day outside of giving shots and taking blood. For example, you’ll get to support patients through care and answer their questions. You’ll also get to:

  • Prep patients for exams
  • Take and chart patient vital signs
  • Perform minor surgical procedures such as removing sutures
  • Code procedures and bill insurances for payment
  • Comfort family members of patients

And so much more. Your role as a medical assistant is critical to the patient care team. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to work in a wide range of settings, from hospitals and clinics to doctor’s offices and long-term care facilities.

In Miami, to become a medical assistant, you’ll need to attend an accredited medical assistant program such as the one offered through Cambridge. Once complete, you can take the national certification exam to become a certified medical assistant.

Become a Medical Assistant With Cambridge

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