Silkence Troutman

DMS Florida

As a student currently enrolled at Cambridge College of Healthcare and Technology in the diagnostic program I can say that it is definitely a challenging program. You should certainly be well prepared to dive in and learn as well as taking it on as a full time job. It is in my opinion designed as an accelerated program which I am use to and prefer, but for those who are not definitely prepare. All of the teachers I had the opportunity to take classes in were definitely elite and extremely knowledgeable on the subject at hand. The only thing I would suggest before getting into a program such as this is to be self-driven. The hands on experience you get is what you make out of it and the TIME spent with learning protocols and perfecting image quality.

The faculty members here are great. They are supportive and have made the journey of this program achievable with the extra hands on experience that our clinical coordinator Sundus Agad who readily provides with her in the field experience and knowledge whenever no matter the time. Also Dr. Raj is one of the fairest teachers who in my opinion push you to thrive to be the best you, you can be, as long as you are willing to put the work in.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology's Diagnostic Medical Sonography training provides comprehensive medical knowledge and diagnostic imaging skills, as well as the opportunity to gain experience through clinical rotations with prestigious medical facilities.

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