Raffaela Liuzzo

Radiation Therapy Student Review

Radiation Therapists assist, support, guide and aid patients to a better tomorrow. These are all traits that I learned from Cambridge College. Without them, I would not have been able to become the person I am today. At Cambridge College you will have homework, exams, essays, midterms and finals, but what makes them so much more is their staff. Everyone at Cambridge is always ready to help, they become your cheerleaders, your success is their success. I would like to thank J. Kim Mylan, without her help and guidance I would not have made it through Physics. I cannot forget my clinical director, Greg Orasi, who properly prepared me for my first clinical rotation and was there for me during the rest of them. My success is a combined effort of Cambridge College teachers and my hard work, together anything is possible…

Radiation Therapy

You can be fully trained to work in a healthcare facility as a professional Radiation Therapist. Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology trains students with the knowledge and clinical skills they need to become competent, entry-level radiation therapists upon graduation and to pass the ARRT Registry Examination. This program allows students to earn an associates degree in two years!

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