Juliette Lyon

ASN student testimonial

I am currently in my last semester of the ASN program at Cambridge Institute of Allied Health and Technology!! Woot-Woot!! Not sure who is more excited about it, me or my family. It has been a long hard road, but it will be worth it. It is nice seeing the end of the tunnel and realizing it’s not the train this time. 

When I went to check the school out for the first time, I hadn’t really planned on starting nursing school any time soon, let alone a month later. It was still a whimsical dream filled with fear and doubt. I was astonished that there wasn’t a waiting list and that the staff were able to collaborate so quickly for a schedule, payment plan and starting date. When I walked out, my husband called and asked how the school was. In a flabbergasted but proud mutter, I said “I think I just signed up for nursing school and I start in a month”. WHAT!!  Looking back to that day and standing where I am now, I am glad I chose Cambridge. 

My time at Cambridge has been nothing but life changing for me.  Altamonte Springs campus is a smaller scale school. This makes it more personable and adds simplicity to a chaotic time in life. The instructors truly care about your well being inside and outside the classroom. You know you have a good instructor when they are literally physically acting out what the body is doing. So that you are truly understanding and not just learning for test grades. These are what I call “lightbulb” teachers. My instructors have instilled confidence in me to vocalize my knowledge and my thoughts. I will go forward in my nursing profession fully equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to be an exceptional R.N.. 

I have also had the opportunity as the President of the Ambassadors for the school. Which has helped me tremendously grow as a leader and fully brought me out of my shell. When I started nursing school, I remember one of my first presentations. I was so nervous my mouth and throat literally dried up so bad I couldn’t even form a word. I had to stop and find a mint before I could continue. Now I feel comfortable speaking in front of large groups without worry. Well, I do still have to do that last-minute deep breath of “here we go”.  But progress is progress. 

I do not feel that I would have had the same outcome at any other school. I thank all the staff and my fellow “cohort 5” for love and support on this transformational journey.

Associate of Science in Nursing

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology’s Associate of Science in Nursing Program is designed to provide training and education in order to prepare graduates to plan, deliver, and manage patient care as registered nurses in a variety of settings. The program offers students the opportunity to learn to effectively function as an integral part of the interdisciplinary team in a complex healthcare delivery system.

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