Jovancia Adrien

What can I say about Cambridge College? Trust me I can say a lot, Cambridge is more than just a school it’s like my second home and the staff is like my second family from all the rough times and the best times they’ve always been there.

When I first started Cambridge I applied for the radiation therapy program but later on I realized that wasn’t the program for me. As a result I switched to the diagnostic medical sonography program, which I have found to be my calling, because honestly, I do love it. Even though I initially wasn’t sure about my decision to switch programs everyone was still supportive.

My ultrasound instructors help me through devastating times, even when I wanted to give up for many reasons, but they never let me quit. They’ve encouraged and motivated me so much to where I started to inspire and motivate myself and others around me. With that, I am thrilled to say I have passed my sonography principles and instrumentation exam (SPI) with all their help. Soon I plan on taking and passing all my registries by graduation.

That’s what I love about them; they challenge you not based on your knowledge but they challenge your potential. They want to see you grow, become successful and be the better you. That’s why I would definitely recommend Cambridge College.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology's Diagnostic Medical Sonography training provides comprehensive medical knowledge and diagnostic imaging skills, as well as the opportunity to gain experience through clinical rotations with prestigious medical facilities.

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