Jeremy Hayes

I have not been a student at Cambridge for very long but already my favorite instructor is Professor K. Savitz. I love the fact that during her lecture she does not just stand at the front of the room and read. She actively walks around the room and talks in a very engaging and active voice. She uses her hands a lot and is very expressive. She also gives real world examples of the things she is talking about which really relates the topics to real tangible things and helps me remember her lectures. Professor Savitz is also very detailed on what she wants and expects from us in our work so we aren’t left wondering if what we are doing is good enough.

Associate of Science in Nursing

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology’s Associate of Science in Nursing Program is designed to provide training and education in order to prepare graduates to plan, deliver, and manage patient care as registered nurses in a variety of settings. The program offers students the opportunity to learn to effectively function as an integral part of the interdisciplinary team in a complex healthcare delivery system.

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