Cecilia Alfonso

DMS testimonial

Hello, my name is Cecilia Alfonso. I recently graduated from Cambridge College with an A.S. Degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. I was a new mom and was sitting at home with my son and thinking about our future. I kept researching different colleges and came across Cambridge, which is accredited. I finally made the appointment to speak with them when my son was about 10 months old. I was scared about starting this journey and collecting student debt, etc. but I decided to do it. With a lot of help from my family I was able to complete this program with Honors, and an RDMS registry. I won’t lie and say it was easy by any means. It was miles and miles, and hours and hours of clinical and class time. I loved my teachers, and they gave me the knowledge I needed to complete the program and succeed. I also made some wonderful friendships, which definitely helped make going to class more enjoyable. I am proud to say I am working full time a month after graduation, and am so happy I chose this as my career. Thank you Cambridge College!

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology's Diagnostic Medical Sonography training provides comprehensive medical knowledge and diagnostic imaging skills, as well as the opportunity to gain experience through clinical rotations with prestigious medical facilities.

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