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Choosing the Right Resources for Educational Success

There are so many things that help a student grow and flourish during their education; teachers, books, and classmates alike are all unique tools that continue to shape and mold into resourceful outlets to help students succeed. But out of so many options, it’s a difficult road trying out every resource and seeing which ones are actually worth it and which ones are not.

A school dedicated to making their student’s road through their career a successful one is nothing if they can’t provide the right tools. But Cambridge is here to solve some of those problems.

Students don’t even know the full extent of what Cambridge can offer them; from 30GB of free storage to free tutoring sessions and multiple review sessions- students have access to great FREE tools to make their experience through school a successful one!


Google Cloud

Once enrolled with Cambridge, every student is initiated with a fresh new Cambridge e-mail through Google. What does this mean for the everyday busy student? This means that students not only get their e-mail, but they also get access to things like the Google Drive, Google Docs, and 30GB of free storage. Google Drive is an extremely useful tool to the everyday student; the drive provided storage for all kinds of files and formats (like photos to Word documents and PowerPoint presentations) and allows you to access this information from anywhere at any time. So whether you’re sitting at your desk at home, on break from work, or even in a different country you can gain access to your files at the touch of your cellphone, tablet or laptop. To access this feature all you need to do is log into your Cambridge Gmail account and click on the Google drive button at the top of the page.

Attention my tech savvy friends! There is an App for your smart phone and tablet! There is a “Google Drive” App alongside the “Google Docs” App. Both these Apps make it easy to take your documents really anywhere you go- and with the “Google Docs” App you can even start a new document virtually anywhere! All you need to do is grab your gadget, click on the App Store button and download away.



Every person has their own strong and weak points in school. Despite this fact, students fight through this dilemma every day, conquering new subjects and versing themselves in things they thought they would never have been able to know. But there’s always a trick to it. Whether it’s physical application, flash cards, repetition, or something else, every student learns in their own unique way. Yet, despite this, there’s always that one roadblock that needs that little bit of supplementary explanation.

So the Cambridge team has come up with that solution. Every campus offers free tutoring in every subject! Although sometimes asking for help can seem a bit embarrassing, here at Cambridge we encourage students to come and ask us for help. In order to access tutoring opportunities, all you need to do is talk to your instructors about options for tutoring in a specific subject and it will be provided to you!



Sometimes it’s gets difficult to process multiple classes per one semester. Not to mention that these classes range from a variety of different subjects and Challenge the brain to try to keep up. So, like the free tutoring, Cambridge also offers active students and alumni to join them for free review sessions. This tool offers many reviews for different subject like Physics, Echocardiography, OB/GYN, ATL/NCLEX and more!

And what does a review session really provide to the student? Professors cover these different review sessions multiple times a week and cover every aspect of the textbook/console, not forgetting to go over photos, questions, and examples. But these aren’t just ordinary review sessions- to make sure students get the utmost help in the subject professors actively take review students into the lab and get them to get hands on with all the equipment.

The ATI review is a virtual NCLEX review where students work at their own pace on their own time. Professors assign students to a Master’s prepared nurse who caters the review to the students needs. Once the student completes all of the requirements, the virtual coach will assess them and then informs them when they are ready to take the exam.

For Echocardiography reviews, professors go through multiple images and go over questions and pitfalls in imaging. In order to make sure students are completely prepared, instructors all completely cover the ARDMS and CCL outlines so students are prepared to approach and answer difficult board certification questions.

To get ahold of this resource please call the school to see when your campus offers their review sessions!

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