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Why Is It Important for X-Ray Programs to Be Accredited?

Why Is It Important for X-Ray Programs to Be Accredited?

Excellent Question! It is important for x-ray programs to be accredited so that graduates are eligible to take their certification examination or to be eligible to obtain a license as radiographers in the state where they wish to work, if applicable. 

Accreditation is a voluntary, peer-review process by which an accrediting body ensures that a school and its programs are meeting minimal standards of operation. These standards include an evaluation of: 

  1. Consistent mission and goals of an institution providing educational programs
  2. Financial stability of the institution
  3. Verification of education and experience of faculty, administration, and staff
  4. Curriculum based on current industry standards
  5. Institutions involvement with its communities of interest
  6. Operational policies and procedures 
  7. Student services provide to support successful student experiences
  8. Retention rates, certification/licensure pass rates, and job placement rates of students after graduation. These are known as student outcomes

Understanding accreditation can be confusing. There are accrediting bodies that are classified regional or national accreditors. Accrediting bodies can also be institutional accreditors, programmatic accreditors, or both. Prior to enrollment, prospective students should make sure that both the school and the program are accredited by an accrediting body recognized by the US Department of Education and the certification or licensure body they wish to apply to upon graduation. 

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