Phlebotomy Technician Palm Beach Curriculum

The Phlebotomy Technician Diploma program at Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology’s beautiful Palm Beach campus prepares students for entry-level employment as phlebotomists. Upon completion of the 11-week program, students are qualified to seek employment in a wide range of healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, testing facilities and more. 

Students who successfully complete the program may also be eligible to take the optional national Phlebotomy Technician certification examination through NCCT after the required number of procedures have been completed and documented by an employer. 

The program covers a wide range of subject matter, including:

  • Health career core knowledge
  • Blood draw procedures
  • Venipuncture procedures and processes
  • Bodily fluid handling and preparation 
  • Patient monitoring
  • Charting, recording, and reporting of procedures and results

By covering foundational knowledge and procedural training, the program’s curriculum prepares students to fulfill the many responsibilities of a phlebotomy technician, including gathering samples, preparing them for testing and conducting tests.

Hands-On Learning and Attentive Support

Throughout the program, students are offered classroom instruction from experienced professionals and hands-on training on cutting-edge technology. This allows students to develop key the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in phlebotomist career. Following completion of the program, students will have the knowledge and confidence to:

  • Interact with patients: The ability to effectively explain procedures and tests, and to put patients at ease during sample draws, is crucial to a phlebotomy role. Throughout the program, special attention is paid to helping students learn how to interact with and effectively treat patients.
  • Draw samples: The core function of a phlebotomist role is to collect samples for testing during diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and medical conditions. The program’s coursework is largely focused on helping students learn and master the many procedures used to gather these samples. 
  • Handle and prep samples: Patient samples must be handled with care to avoid contamination and preserve viability for testing. Throughout the program, students are trained to handle and prep samples in accordance with established best practices and procedural guidelines. 
  • Test samples and report results: In many healthcare settings, phlebotomists are responsible for testing samples and delivering test results to physicians and nurses. The program provides students with the training and knowledge needed to conduct tests and effectively report results to patient care teams.
Course Code Course Title Clock Hours
HSC110 Health Science Core 100
PHL110 Principles and Practice of Phlebotomy 120
Total Hours 220
Begin Your Pursuit of a Rewarding Phlebotomy Career Today

The Phlebotomy Technician Diploma program at Cambridge College can prepare you for a lasting and rewarding career in just 11 weeks. To apply for the Phlebotomy Technician Certification program, or to learn more about the program and phlebotomist career, contact an advisor today.