Are RN to BSN Programs Difficult

The short answer? Yes, RN to BSN programs are challenging for many students. But some programs, like ours at Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology and Cambridge Institute of Allied Health, are specifically built to help students overcome the challenges associated with higher learning in the medical field.

Ask the Right Questions to Find the Right RN to BSN Program

When exploring your education options for an RN to BSN program, you are likely to have many questions. How long is the program? What subject matter does the program cover? How will the program prepare me for future career advancement? How much will it cost?

At Cambridge, one of the most common questions we hear regarding our RN to BSN Program is, “Is it difficult?” While the answer is, of course “yes,” there are ways to ensure your success.

When discovering which program is right for you, ensure you ask about the three following areas that bring the greatest challenge to most students:

  • The complex subject matter: Medical-related studies are complex and detailed matters. Understanding the subject matter and applying it to actual patient care and career situations can be challenging. To mitigate the challenges associated with the complex subject matter, the staff at Cambridge offers personalized support, study assistance and research materials. Throughout the RN to BSN program, students are offered any and all assistance needed to grasp and apply the material with confidence. 
  • The fast-paced curriculum: The curriculum covered in our RN to BSN program covers many topics, including Abnormal Psychology, Statistics, Nursing Informatics and more—all in just 64 weeks. To limit stress during the RN to BSN program, we’ve streamlined the curriculum to address only topics necessary for student success. The program’s online delivery via distance learning platforms allows students to tackle the subject matter at their own pace and in environments that offer the maximum comfort and productivity. 
  • Work/life balance: Traversing any educational program while managing a career, family relationships and a social life is challenging. We’ve developed the RN to BSN program with this in mind and have created curriculum and delivery that allows students to balance everything in their busy lives, without having to sacrifice for sake of a further education or career advancement opportunities. 

Here at Cambridge, we support our students. If at any point in the program students encounter struggles, the staff provides the guidance and advice needed to relieve stress and overcome challenges, all in the hopes of fostering success in the program and in medical careers. 

Speak to an Advisor for Answers to Your RN to BSN Program Questions

One of the best ways to find the answers and advice you seek is to talk to someone with detailed knowledge of the program and student experiences. Contact an advisor to discuss the RN to BSN program, its curriculum and the benefits of studying at Cambridge.

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