Why RNs Should Pursue Their BSN Degree

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A BSN or Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is the next best step for RNs or Registered Nurses to take in their career. Why should you pursue your BSN degree as an RN?

5 Reasons Why RNs Should Pursue Their BSN Degree

There are many reasons why pursuing your BSN degree is a smart move. Here are the top five:

  1. Career flexibility: RNs who possess a BSN often have greater career flexibility. They often enter leadership positions that include management, education and more.
  2. Increased salary: According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the average salary for an RN was $66,620 while the average salary for an RN with a BSN was $75,484.
  3. Enhanced education and skill: A BSN program includes complex medical skills that you wouldn’t otherwise learn in an RN program. The more you know, the better you’ll be able to treat your patients.
  4. Faster entry into the medical field: Nurses with BSN degrees might experience a faster hiring process than those without. Currently, 55% of working RNs hold a Bachelor’s degree. A BSN degree might be best to stay competitive.
  5. Fulfill the BSN requirement early: More and more healthcare facilities are hiring BSN-holding nurses only. Obtaining your BSN now will help you fulfill the potential future requirement early.

What Does a BSN Program Entail?

At Cambridge, the RN to BSN program takes approximately 16 months and is offered in 7.5 or 15-week courses. During your program, you’ll learn via interactive content, 3D animation, video presentations and more. Some of the coursework includes:

  • Research and evidence-based practice
  • Professional issues in nursing
  • Leadership and management in nursing
  • Gerontology
  • Health promotion in nursing

After successful completion of your program, you’ll be able to further your career as an RN with a BSN.

Start Your RN to BSN Program With Cambridge

Cambridge offers an online RN to BSN program for current RNs to enhance their careers to their leadership level. To learn more about our RN to BSN program or to see if it’s the right next step for you, call us at 877-206-4279.

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