What Does a Nursing Assistant Do


Sure, many medical careers involve becoming a doctor or a nurse. Yet, the opportunities don’t stop there. Many students start their medical careers as certified nursing assistants (CNAs), responsible for supporting other medical professionals in delivering high-quality patient care.

Typical Job Responsibilities for a Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistants perform a wide range of duties each day under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN). Some of the duties you might perform include:

  • Helping patients perform routine tasks such as eating and bathing
  • Recording patient conditions and vital signs in the patient chart
  • Monitoring patients and delivering emotional support
  • Administering medications when appropriate and after gaining experience
  • Updating the patient care team on changes in patient conditions

Duties Will Vary Depending on Where You Choose to Work

Nursing assistants can work in a wide range of settings. For example, you may choose to work in a hospital, a doctor’s office, a clinic, a pediatric facility, nursing home, or a specialty care facility. Your key responsibilities will differ depending on your chosen work setting.

Becoming a CNA Is a Great Way to Jumpstart Your Medical Career

Becoming a CNA is a great way to start your medical career. Many students become certified as nursing assistants and obtain entry-level jobs to gain experience in the medical field. Then, they return to a college or university program to become LPNs or RNs.

How to Become a CNA

Whether your ultimate goal is to be CNA or you wish to become a CNA to gain experience before moving up, your first step is to finish a CNA program. Our Certified Nursing Assistant program only takes 5 weeks to complete from start to finish.

After you finish your program, you’ll need to take and pass the Florida Nursing Assistant certification exam. If you pass, you’ll become a licensed CNA, ready to work in a variety of settings.

At Cambridge, we’re here to support you in reaching your career goals. After you obtain your license, we can help you find the perfect new position through our job placement services.

Learn More About Our Miami Nursing Assistant Program Today

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