Start a Career in Data & Project Management

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Data and project managers are highly sought after in the tech world. As companies initiate more projects, they need qualified professionals to translate data and take leadership roles. Let’s explore the many reasons to start a qualified program in data and project management so you can enter this lucrative career field. 

1. Enjoy a Range of Career Opportunities

You’ll get to choose from a large scope of job opportunities when you work in data and project management. Many businesses across industries need their data analyzed and projects managed. This includes businesses within healthcare, finance, retail, education and more.

2. Experience Job Security

More industries are embracing technology and implementing it in their operations. That means more data is becoming available, and skilled analysts are needed to make sense of it. More data also means more projects and initiatives are being formed. Data and project managers will always be needed, no matter what. 

3. Earn a Stable Income

Project managers in the US have a mean annual income of $98,420. Data managers or administrators make a similar salary of $98,860. You may not start at that salary, but eventually, you can work your way up to a sizable income that can provide you with financial stability and security.

4. Enjoy Everyday Variety

In a single day, you may lead a meeting, solve a budgeting issue, approve a final project and review a data analysis. When you work in data and project management, you’ll enjoy a large spectrum of activities and work with a diverse group of team members.

5. Be Essential to Your Organization

Imagine translating data that improves a hospital patient’s care or leading a project that helps your business grow internationally. No matter what role you take, your valuable skills will help your organization improve its operations and be successful.

6. Be a Leader

Being any kind of manager means you’ll have to make important decisions. From budgeting to leading meetings, your team will look up to you and learn from you. You’ll have the opportunity to take charge, make improvements and mentor others. 

7. Advance Your Career

Working in data science and project management provides lots of room for growth. You may start as an analyst and work your way up to a database administrator. As you develop your leadership skills, you could manage your own department. The possibilities are endless.

8. Start Your Own Business

When you’re highly skilled in data and leadership, you can always leap into entrepreneurship. Some organizations don’t have their own data or project manager, and sometimes need to outsource. You have the freedom to start your own freelance business or establish your own company and provide valuable services to others.

9. Work From Anywhere

With data and project management being an in-demand skill, you’ll have your pick of locations. You may have remote work options and the opportunity to relocate anywhere in the US. 

10. Opportunity for Travel

It’s not uncommon for project managers to travel the globe. If you take the lead in multiple projects, you may have the opportunity to visit foreign countries and collaborate with new people.

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