Is A Bachelor’s Degree in Cyber Security Worth It

Is a Bachelor’s Degree in Cyber Security Worth It?

Considering whether or not you should move forward in obtaining a Bachelor’s degree? When it comes to cyber security career success, a Bachelor’s degree is more than worth it.

Cambridge offers a fully accredited and 100% online Bachelor of Science in Cyber and Network Security program to students ready to jumpstart their careers.

The Benefits of Receiving Your Bachelor’s Degree in Cyber Security

One of the main benefits of obtaining your Bachelor’s degree is the growth of careers within the cyber security industry. For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the information security analyst career is projected to grow by 33%, which is way faster than average growth.

Getting a Bachelor’s degree can enable you to take advantage of this growth. Additional benefits of holding a Bachelor’s degree include:

  • More job opportunities: Bachelor’s degree holders have many career paths to choose from. For example, you can choose to be a penetration tester or even a security auditor. If it’s a role in cyber and network security, it’s probably available to you with a Bachelor’s degree.
  • More pay: You may receive a higher wage if you have a Bachelor’s degree. It’s important to note that this depends on the type of work you choose and where you work. Markets differ across the country.
  • More advancement opportunities: It’s also common for Bachelor’s degree holders with a few years of experience to enter management or higher-level positions. Advancement opportunities are plentiful with a Bachelor’s degree.

How to Obtain Your Bachelor’s Degree in Cyber Security

To get your Bachelor’s degree, you’ll first need to obtain your high school diploma. You’ll also need to attend an accredited Associate’s degree program in cyber security which will take approximately two years.

With an Associate’s degree, you can then continue on to receive your Bachelor’s degree which will take approximately 75 weeks to complete. At Cambridge, our Cyber and Network Security program is offered 100% online. This means you can study on your own time, whether that’s in-between work or after you put your kids to bed.

Get Started Toward Your Dream Career Today With Cambridge

Cambridge is here to help you reach your career goals. If you’re ready to enter the growing field of cyber security, we’re ready to support you. To learn more about our Bachelor of Science in Cyber and Network Security program, give us a call at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.

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