Start a Cyber and Network Security Career

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Are you wondering if working in cyber security is right for you? With proper education and training, this career field can be rewarding, financially prolific and full of opportunity. Let’s explore the top reasons to start a worthwhile career in cyber and network security.  

1. Job Diversity

The growth of business conducted online has increased by almost 6% since 2017, and remote work is more common than ever. That means anyone entering the cyber security field has their choice of industries and sectors to be employed by. You could work for a hospital, a banking institution, or even start your own business. 

2. Career Advancement

Cyber security professionals are needed at every level, which means you may not wait a long time for a promotion or salary increase. You can advance your education and acquire additional certifications to speed up your career growth. 

3. Variety & Intrigue

You’ll never be bored when you work in cyber security. The profession requires varying levels of strategy, testing and development of secure systems and threat prevention. Your job will always be growing and changing as technologies advance. 

4. Professional Growth and Stability

There will always be lots of skills to develop and new concepts to learn in cyber security. Professional growth in this profession is evergreen due to the quick pace of technological advancements and the need for security. You’ll also enjoy job stability as the cyber security profession will always be needed by businesses, institutions and individuals.

5. Choice of Work Environment

Cyber security professionals can easily change specializations and be mobile in their field. You’ll have a variety of work settings to choose from, whether it’s a banking office or a forensics lab at a law enforcement station. Move from one industry to another with your core set of skills, or work from home with a remote job. 

6. Creativity

Cyber security is an ever-changing landscape that requires solving problems with various puzzle pieces. As hackers become more creative, cyber security professionals have to use their ingenuity to keep data protected and networks secure. It often requires using your imagination to connect the dots and envision possible solutions. 

7. Solid Salary & Compensation

Cyber security positions offer substantial pay. Entry-level positions can start between $40K and $50K, and grow from there. According to the Payscale, the average base salary for the following positions is as follows:

  • Computer Forensics Analyst: $74,798
  • Cyber Security Engineer: $97,836
  • Information Security Analyst: $102,600
  • Chief Information Security Officer: $168,987
  • Security Architect: $128,118

The amount of pay will depend on the position you hold and the location and industry you work in. With all that in consideration, cyber security offers a stable income with plenty of opportunities for financial growth.

8. Make an Impact

When you work in cyber security, you’re helping to keep others safe. By protecting the infrastructure of information systems, you help everyone from businesses to individual consumers by keeping their information secure. It is truly a profession where you’ll be respected and valued each and every day. 

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