Learn More About Becoming a Cyber Security Analyst

As technology evolves, security stays top of mind. How do organizations protect their critical data from cybercriminals who seem to learn new tactics every single day? Many choose to hire cyber security analysts for their IT team.

What Do Cyber Security Analysts Do?

Cyber security analysts are also known as information security analysts. An analyst’s main responsibility is to protect an organization’s entire computer network and system. During your day-to-day, you’ll be responsible for mitigating risks and responding to potential threats as they occur.

You may need to install software that enables virus detection on computers within a network. You may also need to report breaches and carry out mitigation tactics to secure an organization’s network from cybercriminals. Analysts also spend time educating individuals within their organization on the importance of security and encryption.

Does Cyber Security Analysis Have a Good Job Outlook?

Cyber security is a critical field, especially as technology continues to evolve. Many organizations are actively searching for analysts to add to their IT teams. Due to high demand, the cyber security analyst career is expected to grow a whopping 32% between 2018 and 2028. This is much faster than average growth when compared to other careers in this space.

The average salary for a cyber security analyst is $75,798 per year, according to PayScale. Plus, depending on where you work, you’ll have access to benefits such as health insurance and retirement benefits.

How Do You Become a Cyber Security Analyst?

If you have your high school diploma or GED, you’re ready to take the next step. You’ll need to attend an accredited Cyber and Network Security program such as the one offered here at Cambridge. During your program, you’ll learn the ins and outs of safeguarding infrastructure and securing data.

You’ll also learn proven methods for information security using software analysis techniques. You’ll discover how to prevent, detect and mitigate cyberattacks within your organization.

After you complete your program, you’ll have the option to obtain additional certifications such as CompTIA A+, CompTIA Security+ and CIW WSA.

Start Your Cyber Security Career With Cambridge

A career in cyber security is a rewarding one. If you’re ready to enter the field, Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology’s Cyber and Network Security program can help. To learn more about the program or to get started today, give us a call at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.