Computer Networking Course

What Do You Study in a Computer Networking Course?

What Do You Study in a Computer Networking Course?

You’ll complete a wide variety of courses while pursuing your computer networking degree. The overarching goal of the coursework is to help you learn the fundamentals of computer systems, hardware, software and devices.

The advantage of Cambridge’s computer networking program is that your classes include all the technical background you need, plus classes that teach communication and leadership skills that make you even more employable.

How Computer Networking Classes Are Taught

Computer networking courses combine lectures and hands-on training opportunities. Depending on the class, you can expect to engage in discussions, listen to lectures and work on projects that focus on networking principles, tools and current developments in the field. 

Cambridge’s courses are designed to give students a powerful combination of intellectual and practical skills that makes our graduates attractive job candidates.

Topics Covered in a Computer Networking Class 

Every class is designed to cover specific topics. You’ll dive in to a wide range of computer networking areas, such as:

  • Operating systems
  • Server configuration and deployment
  • Network performance and analysis
  • Protocol mechanisms
  • Network control, sequencing and simulation
  • Network architecture
  • Security
  • Cloud applications, solutions, deployment and operations

The skills you learn during your computer networking studies will help make you an attractive candidate for jobs like network engineer, network administrator, network support specialist and much more. You have a wealth of career opportunities available to you once you graduate from a computer networking program.

Why Choose Cambridge’s Computer Networking Bachelor’s Degree Program?

Our Bachelor of Science in Computer Networking program offers 100% online courses so you can fit your studies into your normal life. The program is 75 weeks, or just under 1.5 years, which allows you to earn your degree—and up your earning potential—in a short amount of time.

You’ll also benefit from Cambridge’s job placement services as you near graduation. Our career advisors are passionate about helping students find rewarding computer networking jobs at businesses around the country. And long after you graduate, the careers team will always be available to help you find new job opportunities. You are part of the Cambridge family for life. 

Ready to Follow Your Computer Networking Dream? Get in Touch With Cambridge.

The demand for computer networking experts continues to rise. Take advantage of the growth with Cambridge. If you’re interested in breaking into this growing field, Cambridge is the place to earn your degree. To get started, call 877-206-4279 or contact us online

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