What It’s Like to Study for Your Computer Networking Associate Degree Online

Female smiling while holding glasses infront of computers with coding

Whether you’re a young student preparing to launch your career or an experienced worker thinking about shifting into the healthcare IT world, earning a computer networking associate degree online is a major step toward your goal. At Cambridge, you’ll experience engaging online learning and gain technical and interpersonal skills that prepare you for computer networking jobs and related opportunities.

Online Degree Program Features

The Cambridge computer networking associate degree program provides several benefits most students are interested in.

  • Exam readiness: Prepare for a variety of exams such as CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Cloud+, and CompTIA Project+.
  • Engaging coursework: It’s far more than reading books. Online students use interactive tools to learn and get hands-on experience.
  • Beyond tech: The healthcare IT field requires more than excellent technical skills. It requires you to communicate and relate effectively with talented non-technical people. Our online curriculum includes non-technical courses to prepare you for these skills.

Why Choose an Online Computer Networking Degree Program?

The 75-week associate degree in computer networking program is a great choice for many reasons, such as:

  • Alignment with professional standards: Cambridge’s focus on healthcare and technology ensures online students acquire the relevant expertise employers in healthcare IT expect their employees to have.
  • Work/life balance: Students with jobs or families can pursue their degrees without the disruption of commuting to a campus.
  • Affordability: Online delivery of coursework means classes can be provided at a more affordable cost, enabling students to earn their degree without burying themselves in student debt.
  • More instructor time: Online classes offer guided discussion and personal time with instructors that aren’t always possible in a traditional campus setting.

Technology Ensures a Sense of Connectedness

When studying online, it is important for students to feel a sense of community and to know that they can interact with other students and their instructors just like they could if they were in-person. Cambridge provides a variety of online tools to keep students together, including:

  • Video lectures
  • Virtual bulletin boards
  • Online portal to access class materials and assignment information and submission

Online learning prioritizes the student’s needs and pace. To facilitate this, much of your course information will be posted online by instructors and remain available for you to reference as you make progress through the course.  

Find Out More About the Online Associate Degree Experience

The advisors here at Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology would be happy to discuss the online computer networking degree program with you at any time. Our experienced advisors can answer any questions you may have. To get started, please call 877-206-4279 or send us an email.