What Is the Fastest Nursing Program?

Nursing in Georgia and Florida

A career in nursing is not only rewarding but great for students eager to enter the healthcare field. If you’re interested in starting your nursing career and want to do so fairly quickly, there are a few options for you.

Fastest Route to a Nursing Career: The CNA and LPN Programs

For those wanting to venture into healthcare before earning a Registered Nurse degree, both the Certified Nursing Assistant and Licensed Practical Nursing degrees are great options.

Certified Nursing Assistant

A CNA program is a fast-paced program that only takes a couple of months to fully complete. After graduation, students can enter the field right away, assisting nurses with patient work in a wide variety of settings.

Licensed Practical Nurse

An LPN program prepares students to become practical nurses in as little as 54 weeks. After graduation and successful passing of the NCLEX-PN exam, students can enter the field and provide basic nursing care under the supervision of a registered nurse or doctor.

Both the CNA and LPN programs are eligible for advancement by obtaining an RN degree after graduation. Starting as a CNA or LPN, you’ll gain work experience as you continue on in your education.

Fastest Route to Registered Nursing: Associates Degree in Nursing

Students wanting to become registered nurses first can do so by obtaining an Associates of Science Degree in Nursing. You can obtain your RN degree in under two years. After successfully completing the program and the NCLEX-RN exam, you’ll be eligible to enter the field quickly as an RN.

Enter an Advanced Career Through a BSN Program

Want to take your career even further? Once you become an RN, you can complete the RN to BSN program in as little as 16 months. Nurses with BSN’s typically enter leadership roles such as nurse management or education within their healthcare organization. 

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