Cambridge College DMS Students Learn at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium

Cambridge College’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography students take a moment to step away from the regular routine of learning to explore and experience the human body in a remarkable way. In today’s world where technological advances are steadily increasing, it is crucial that Allied healthcare professionals seek innovative ways to obtain knowledge and develop skills. Since 1794, medical sonography has made significant advancements from Echolocation in bats, to the adoption of 4D (real time) capabilities in the 1990’s. These advancements not only highlight the increasing demand of sonographers, but also the quality of technology that ultrasound contributes to patient care.

Becoming a sonographer and possessing the unique skill of ultrasound, affords you the opportunity to investigate “Our Body: The Universe Within”. Using ultrasound to explore and discover what lies beneath the skin is an extraordinary experience that challenges you to investigate the unknown. Embodying the knowledge and the skill to make a life-saving discovery is a life-long reward.

“The part of the exhibit that definitely caught my most interest was the prenatal area; I couldn’t believe the fetus size for 5 months was so little. I really enjoyed myself on the field trip.”
– Katherine Tineo, Cambridge College

“I think that I learned more than I thought I would on this field trip. It helped me with visualizing the placement of organs and where to go when I was actually scanning. I loved the breakdown of each organ, leg, arm and just the human body overall. It was very interesting to be able to visualize all the veins and arteries as well. Thank you for the learning experience!”
– Tatiana Vergara, Cambridge College

“It felt like an out-of-body experience! The trip definitely exceeded my expectations. I learned a great deal about the human body.”
– Shelly-Ann Samai, Cambridge College

“The trip was excellent! I was able to learn about the veins and arteries which helped me to better understand the vascular system. What I learned from the body exhibit will definitely help me to be a better sonographer. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.”
– Japonica Jones, Cambridge College