Practical Nursing Miami Curriculum

Practical Nurse Training at Cambridge Institute of Allied Health and Technology

Learn More About Cambridge’s Practical Nursing Miami Curriculum

At Cambridge, we offer an industry current practical nursing program to prepare you for your work as a nurse in the field. At the Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology, our students receive the education and training they need to successfully complete the program and take the NCLEX-PN examination required for employment as a Licensed Practical Nurse.

To help you prepare for your career, your education will include:

  • The basics of healthcare
  • Medical terminology
  • Physiology
  • Legal aspects of nursing
  • Anatomy
  • Mental health
  • Surgical nursing
  • Medical nursing
  • Pediatric nursing

And so much more. Our Practical Nursing program is offered in 54-week or 85-week scheduling to fit your current lifestyle.

Everything You Need for a Successful Career Is Here

At Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology, our sole focus is on your success. We offer everything you need for a successful career such as:

  • Hands-on training: At Cambridge, you’ll receive the hands-on training you need for your success through our in-depth clinical rotations at area hospitals and healthcare facilities. Our clinicals make it easy to transfer from the classroom to the field.
  • Caring faculty and staff: Our faculty and staff are simply here to facilitate your success. From educational programs, study programs and more, we offer the support you need to supplement your education.
  • Flexibility: Our Practical Nursing program is available during weekdays or evenings, perfect for those who work during the day. Plus, you can choose the schedule that best fits your life and learning style including 54-week or 85-week scheduling.

At the Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology, our main goal is to help you reach success in your practical nursing career. From hands-on training to insightful lectures, you’ll have everything you need to thrive and successfully receive certification for employment. The program’s course schedule includes:

Course CodeCourse TitleClock Hours
PN 100Health Care Core90
PN 102Medical Terminology40
PN 103Anatomy and Physiology (Body Structure and Function)100
PN 104Human Growth and Development and Family20
PN 105Vocational Role and Function – Personal Communication: Interpersonal Relationships Skills15
PN 106Legal Aspects of Practice15
PN 107Nutrition15
PN 108Pharmacology and Administration of Medications80
PN 109Mental Health Concepts30
PN-CL 109Mental Health Concepts Clinical65
PN 110Community Health Concepts20
PN-CL 110Community Health Concepts – Public Health, Clinics, Public School System Clinical50
PN 111Geriatric Nursing30
PN-CL 111Geriatric nursing Clinical I57
PN 112Medical Nursing75
PN-CL 112Medical Nursing Clinical144
PN 113Surgical Nursing75
PN-CL 113Surgical Nursing Clinical144
PN 114Obstetric Nursing35
PN-CL 114Obstetric Nursing Clinical64
PN 115Pediatric Nursing35
PN-CL 115Pediatric Nursing Clinical64
Total Clock Hours1350
Get Started on Your Practical Nursing Career Today

Are you ready to become a practical nurse? At Cambridge, you’ll find everything you need to prepare for the medical career you desire in Miami. Now is the time to act. Your practical nursing career can get started today with just a call. Reach out to Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology today by calling 877-206-4279.