Occupational Therapy Assistant Curriculum in Atlanta

To be successful as an occupational therapy assistant, you need the proper foundation. Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology’s Occupational Therapy Assistant program gives students the training and education they need for career success.

Our Occupational Therapy Assistant program takes approximately two years to complete from start to finish. The program includes all of the relevant and foundational subject matter students need to become successful occupational therapy assistants.

Some of the subject matter includes:
  • Occupational therapy basics
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Kinesiology
  • Administrative procedures
  • Occupational therapy in pediatrics
  • Medical terminology
  • Psychology
  • Health science

Over the course of this 2-year program, students will learn how to teach patients with disabilities how to function independently in their homes and communities. Students will also learn how to help patients regain skills lost due to injury and record patients’ progress.

At Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology, we’ve constructed our curriculum to meet all necessary standards set forth by licensing and certification organizations such as the NBCOT. Students who successfully complete the program will have the knowledge necessary to pass the NBCOT exam, gaining the ability to seek entry-level employment.

Experience Cambridge’s Many Benefits
Students enrolled in the Associate of Science program for Occupational Therapy Assistant experience many unique benefits such as:
  • Classroom and distance learning: Students can take foundational courses both in the classroom and online via our distance learning platform. Plus, we offer smaller class sizes and focused courses to offer the optimal learning environment for each student.
  • Hands-on training through clinical externship: Students receive the hands-on training they need both on campus and through a clinical externship. We use only the latest technology that students will continue to use throughout their career.
  • Mentorship from experienced faculty and staff: Each of our faculty and staff members aims to help students through their program, acting as mentors. From exam prep assistance to job placement services, we support students from enrollment to career success.

79 Semester Credits 1770 clock Hours (6 Semesters)

NumberCourse TitleSemester CreditsClock Hours
BCS 1085Anatomy & Physiology I345
BCS 1085LAnatomy & Physiology I Lab130
BCS 1086Anatomy & Physiology II345
BCS1086LAnatomy & Physiology II Lab130
ENC 1101English Composition 345
HSC 1000Introduction to Health Science345
MAC 1105College Algebra 345
MEA 1239Medical Terminology 230
PSY 1012Introduction to Psychology345
SPC 1016Fundamentals of Speech345
Total General Ed 25405
OTA 102Introduction to Occupational Therapy 345
OTA 130Occupational Analysis230
OTA 108Growth & Development345
OTA 115Principles of OT in Mental Health360
OTA 125Kinesiology 345
OTA 110Fundamentals of Occupational Therapy230
OTA 206Human Occupations I475
OTA 215Principles of OT in Physical Health460
OTA 220Clinical I 290
OTA 209Human Occupations II360
OTA 230Administrative Procedures2 30
OTA 245Pediatric Practice for the OTA475
OTA 250Specific Populations for the OTA350
OTA 226Seminar Strategies 230
OTA 221Clinical II 7320
OTA 222Clinical III 7320
Total Core541365
Total Program791770

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