Nursing Assistant Curriculum Altamonte Springs

Patient Care Technician Training at Cambridge Institute of Allied Health and Technology

Diploma Program

Mode of Delivery: Residential

6 weeks / 120 clock hours

Program Objective

The program objective is to provide a student with career training for employment as a basic Nursing Assistant in a long-term healthcare facility, hospital or other related healthcare setting. Specific course objectives: demonstrate knowledge of patient care, nutritional needs, safety and comfort measures, and competency in providing personal patient care, applying infection control principles, and assisting with rehabilitative activities. A 40- hour externship in a long- term healthcare facility is required for program completion. Students are required to present a negative TB report from a doctor prior to attending clinical externship. Students that have completed the Nursing Assistant programs are eligible to make application to take the Florida Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Examination. A Level -1 background screening is conducted on candidates who have lived in the state of Florida for more than 5 years. A level-2- FBI background screening will be conducted on candidates who have lived in the state of Florida for less than 5 years. In addition, fingerprints may be required. A criminal record may keep a student from obtaining a license or certification in some medical programs. Therefore, a criminal record may affect the student’s ability to gain employment in the field of training. Nursing Assistant graduates may work for up to 120 days without certification. However, graduates must make application and pass the certification examination before the expiration of the 120 days to remain in employment.

Required Courses Clock Hours
NA101 Nursing Assistant 80
NA102 Nursing Assistant Externship (prerequisite-NA101) 40
Total Hours 120