Medical Billing and Coding Program in Palm Beach Curriculum


The Medical Billing and Coding program at Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology offers students the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in medical coding specialist careers. The online program is offered to students throughout the Palm Beach area.

Over 38 weeks, students will study a wide range of topics, including:

  • Health Science Core Fundamentals
  • Anatomy & Physiology with Lab
  • Medical Terminology
  • Electronic Medical Office Procedures
  • Computer Applications
  • Computerized Practice Management
  • CPT- 4
  • ICD- 9/HCPCS
  • ICD10
  • Medical Insurance
  • Records Management Systems

The program’s coursework has been carefully developed with the assistance of industry experts, ensuring the quality and effectiveness of the curriculum. Each course is also designed to meet the standards of leading healthcare accrediting and certification organizations.

Learning on Your Own Terms

Cambridge’s Medical Billing and Coding program is offered entirely online, allowing students to:

  • Learn on their own terms: The accelerated coursework, while fast-paced, is delivered entirely online, allowing students to study and learn where and when they are most comfortable. If you prefer studying from home, from a coffee shop or a park, you can.
  • Focus on key subjects: The program’s curriculum is entirely focused on the skills and knowledge students need to excel in the medical billing and coding field. Each course and each study topic are critical to the field.
  • Maintain balance: The online delivery of coursework allows students to maintain a true balance between their education, daily life and work. Eliminating the need to drive to campus and attend awkwardly scheduled classes makes it possible for students to enjoy all aspects of life as they obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to launch a career.

The program’s course schedule includes:

Course Code Course Description Clock Hours
HSC 100 Health Science Core Fundamentals I 45
HSC 120 Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab 60
HSC 130 Anatomy & Physiology II & Pathophysiology 75
HSC 140 Medical Terminology 45
MCB 100 Introduction to Medical Billing and Coding 45
MCB 110 Electronic Medical Office Procedures 60
Com 100 Computer Applications 60
Com 120 Computerized Practice Management 45
MCB 120 CPT-4 60
MCB 180 ICD 10 60
MCB 200 Medical Insurance 45
MCB 160 Medical Office Procedures 60
EMR 140 Electronic Medical Records I 75
EMR 150 Electronic Medical Records II 75
HSC 160 Professional Development and Career Preparation 15
Total 900
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If you are interested in a career as a medical biller or coder, Cambridge is the place to start. To learn more about the Medical Billing and Coding program or to begin your application, contact an advisor today.