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Medical Assistant Curriculum Altamonte Springs

The Medical Assistant program at Cambridge Institute of Allied Health prepares students for employment in the medical assistant field. Additional skills sets are addressed during the program, specifically Basic X-Ray. The added training and instruction allow students to enter the workforce with multiple career path options.

The program’s coursework covers a wide range of foundational and career-critical knowledge and skills, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Radiography
  • Medical assisting
  • Administrative procedures
  • Anatomy
  • Electrocardiography
  • Pharmacology
  • Phlebotomy

Each course in the program has been carefully designed to help students build the knowledge base and clinical skills to function as a key member of a patient care team.

Prepare for a Successful Career as a Medical Assistant

Throughout the 36-week program, students are offered:

  • Classroom instruction: Each course in the Medical Assistant program is led by an experienced and registered instructor with a background in the healthcare field. The real-world knowledge and insight our instructors offer helps students put perspective on their learning and provides deeper insight into each of the program’s subjects of study.
  • Hands-on training: Medical assistants require a wide range of skills. To help students develop these skills, the Medical Assistant program includes hands-on training in our lab facilities and on-site at area medical facilities.
  • Externship: Field experience is one of the very best ways to learn career skills and gain insight into the healthcare field. The Medical Assistant program includes an externship requirement designed to expose students to their intended career. Externships are available in many of the leading medical facilities in the Orlando area.
  • Added career opportunities: The Medical Assistant program provides additional skill sets, specifically in the area of Basic X-Ray imaging. Students who complete the X-Ray component of the program are eligible to sit for the Basic X-Ray Machine Operator licensure exam in the state of Florida (BXMO).

The program’s coursework includes:

Course CodeCourse DescriptionClock Hours
HC101Heath Core and Body Systems100
XR101Introduction to Radiography for the Medical Assistant
XR102Radiography of the Chest, Upper Extremities & Shoulder70
XR103Radiography of the Lower Extremities, Abdomen & Pelvis70
XR104Radiography of the Skull & Spine
MA100Introduction to Medical Assisting20
MA101Administrative Medical Office Procedures80
MA103Anatomy / Physiology / Related Diseases80
MA105Pharmacology/ Medication Administration80
MA106Clinical Procedures100
MA107Medical Assisting Externship200
Total Hours1150
Begin Your Path Toward a Rewarding Medical Assistant Career Today

The Medical Assistant program at Cambridge offers the fast-paced, comprehensive education and training you need to pursue entry-level employment in the healthcare field. To learn more about the program, contact an advisor today.