Gainful Employment

Below you will find Gainful Employment information for our programs:

The placement data is calculated each year from July 1 – June 30.

The formula for placement is calculated by our Institutional Accreditor (ABHES).

The formula is:

Placement Rate = (F + R) / (G-U)

F = Graduates placed in their field of training

R* = Graduates placed in a related field of training

G = Total graduates

U** = Graduates unavailable for placement

*Related field refers to a position wherein the majority of the graduate’s job functions require the use of skills and knowledge acquired through successful completion of the training program.

**Unavailable is defined only as documented: health-related issues, military obligations, incarceration, continuing education status, or death.

Delray Beach Campus

*Program is no longer being offered.

Program Name Retention Rate Placement
Diagnostic Medical Sonography 87% 86%
Nursing 73% 67%
Phlebotomy 95% 72%
*PN 75% N/A
Radiologic Technology 72% 69%
Radiation Therapy 71% 75%

Altamonte Springs Campus

Program Name Retention Rate Placement
Diagnostic Medical Sonography 84% N/A
Medical Assistant 78% 71%
Medical Billing and Coding 25% N/A
Nursing 78% 44%
Nursing Assistant 91% 74%
Phlebotomy 89% 64%
Practical Nursing 68% 74%
Radiologic Technology 88% N/A
Radiologic Sciences N/A N/A

Atlanta Campus

Program Name Retention Rate Placement
Diagnostic Medical Sonography 82% 62%
Medical Assistant 94% 100%
Medical Billing and Coding 100% N/A
Radiologic Technology 80% 71%
Radiation Therapy 83% 38%
Phlebotomy 98% 21%
Radiologic Sciences N/A N/A


Associate Degree in Nursing (Delray) – Disclosure
Associate Degree in Nursing (Altamonte Springs) – Disclosure
Associate of Science in Radiologic Technology (Altamonte Springs) – Disclosure
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (Altamonte) – Disclosure
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (Delray and Atlanta) – Disclosure
Medical Assistant (Altamonte Springs) – Disclosure
Medical Assistant (Delray and Atlanta) – Disclosure
Medical Billing and Coding (Altamonte Springs) – Disclosure
Medical Coding and Billing (Delray and Atlanta) – Disclosure
Practical Nursing Day (Altamonte Springs) – Disclosure
Practical Nursing Evening (Altamonte Springs) – Disclosure
Practical Nursing Day (Delray) – Disclosure
Practical Nursing Evening (Delray) – Disclosure
Radiation Therapy (Delray and Atlanta) – Disclosure
Radiologic Technology (Delray and Atlanta) – Disclosure