Electronic Medical Records Management Curriculum Altamonte Springs

The Electronic Medical Records Management curriculum at Cambridge is designed to provide students with career training for employment as an Electronic Medical Records Manager.

This lesson plan leads students through medical basics including Health Science Core Fundamentals, Anatomy & Physiology with Lab, Medical Terminology, Electronic Medical Office Procedures, Computer Applications, Computerized Practice Management, CPT- 4, ICD- 9/HCPCS, ICD10, Medicare & Medicaid, and Records Management Systems.

Curriculum Requirements

  • 37.5 Weeks
  • 900 Clock Hours
Course CodeCourse DescriptionClock Hours
HSC 100Health Science Core Fundamentals I45
HSC 120Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab60
HSC 130Anatomy & Physiology II & Pathophysiology75
HSC 140Medical Terminology45
HSC 101Health Science Core Fundamentals II45
MCB 110Electronic Medical Office Procedures75
Com 100Computer Applications60
Com 120Computerized Practice Management45
MCB 120CPT-460
MCB 180ICD 1060
MCB 200Medicare & Medicaid30
EMR 120Records Management Systems60
EMR 140Electronic Medical Records I75
EMR 150Electronic Medical Records II75
HSC 160Professional Development and Career Preparation15