Career Profile: Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology is proud to offer current radiologic technologists the ability to enhance their careers through the Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences degree program. We offer this program completely online, perfect for students working in the field. 

What Can I Do With a Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences Degree?

Radiologic technologists work with physicians and other medical care specialists to capture images of the body for use in diagnostic care processes. Technologists often specialize in various areas of radiology including:

  • MRI
  • Sonography
  • CT
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Radiation therapy

Beyond specializing in an imaging discipline, technologists with a Bachelor’s degree can take on new responsibilities within their career. Upon completion of the program, candidates can transition into professional roles such as leaders in their facility, managers of quality patient care and more.

How Do I Receive a Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences Degree?

The Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences is the perfect next step for currently licensed Radiologic Technologists with Associate-level degrees. To pursue your Bachelor of Science degree, you must have a two-year degree from an accredited college or university as well as a high school diploma or GED.

At Cambridge, we offer our bridge program completely online with two tracks: healthcare and education. Students can choose a path based on their future goals. During your program, you’ll experience training in areas such as:

  • Sectional anatomy
  • Sectional pathology
  • Abnormal psychology
  • Microcomputer applications
  • Health care law
  • Healthcare management

What Is the Employment Outlook After Receiving My Degree?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, radiologic technologist careers will experience a 13% growth between now and 2026, faster than the average. In 2018, the average pay for a radiology technologist was $61,240 per year, around $29.44 per hour. Your salary will depend on your location as well as the facility you work in.

Earn Your Radiologic Sciences Degree at Cambridge

Through Cambridge, you can get the jumpstart you need to take your career to the next level. To learn more about our Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences degree program, speak to an advisor today by calling 877-206-4279.