Why a Job in IT Is a Good Long-Term Career Choice

Why a Job in IT Is a Good Long-Term Career Choice

Technology changes every single day. That’s why every organization, business, and institution requires technology professionals to help move their businesses forward and reach their goals. Students can take advantage of the ever-evolving space by launching a career in information technology or IT.

The Long-Term Job Outlook for IT Careers

Although positions and types of careers will change over time, the tech industry is here to stay. Individuals who enter the tech space are sure to have career options in the long-term. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and IT occupations are expected to increase by 11% between now and 2029, must faster than average for all other occupations.

What careers are included in this amazing outlook? Everything from computer network architects to software developers.

Additional Benefits of a Career in IT

The long-term job outlook is enough to inspire many students to pursue a career in IT. Yet, that’s only one benefit of entering the IT industry. There are plenty more where that one came from.

1. Wide Range of Career Options

There’s a career for everyone in IT. For example, those interested in data can become data analysts or data science technicians. For those interested in networking, careers include network technician, computer repair technician, IT technician, network administrator and so much more.

It doesn’t stop there. You can also obtain a career in network security as an IT support tech, incident analyst or penetration tester, as examples. The options are virtually endless.

2. Room for Advancement

Most of the careers you can obtain in IT have amazing opportunities for career advancement. Although you’ll enter into an entry-level position after graduation, as you gain experience, you’ll be able to move into senior-level positions. In technology, these positions come with plenty of benefits such as additional pay.

3. Quick Entry Into the Field

Believe it or not, you don’t need a four-year or even a two-year degree to enter the technology field. In fact, there are plenty of diploma and certification programs that can help you prepare for a career in just a year.

At Cambridge, we offer certificate programs in Computer Networking, Cyber & Network Security, and Data and Project Management. Offered online, they’re the perfect option for students who want a solid school/life balance and quick entry into the field.

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