Where to Work as a Medical Assistant in Atlanta

Medical assistants are a critical part of any patient care team. As a medical assistant, you’ll spend your days performing various medical care tasks that differ depending on where you choose to work. 

Where Should You Work as a Medical Assistant in Atlanta?

Do you want to work with expecting mothers or those fighting cancer? Do you want to work directly with patients or in an indirect setting? The choices are virtually endless for medical assistants.

1. If You Love Fast-Paced Work

The medical field is typically fast-paced regardless of where you work. Yet, facilities such as same-day clinics and outpatient surgical centers must move quickly to serve all patients scheduled for any given day. You could also choose the emergency department in a hospital where many patients come for fast assistance.

2. If You Want to Work With Patients of All Ages

Patients of all ages utilize facilities such as doctor’s clinics and hospitals. Or you can work in an outpatient facility such as a therapy center that supports patients of all ages through physical or occupational therapy.

3. If You Wish to Support Patients Through Tough Situations

Sometimes, patients must fight through some of life’s toughest situations. They need the help of a medical team to make it through. For example, you can help support patients going through cancer treatment at a cancer clinic. Or you can support mothers struggling through labor and delivery at a hospital or women’s health center.

4. If You Want to Work Within a Specific Specialty

Is there a specific specialty you want to work in? For example, are you interested in neurology or chiropractics? Many specialty clinics and facilities hire medical assistants to care for their patients.

5. If You Feel Working in Indirect Patient Care Is the Best Choice for You

If you wish to work behind-the-scenes, consider a diagnostic laboratory where you’ll get to test patient lab samples. Or try working for a healthcare company focused on billing and coding.

How to Become a Medical Assistant in Atlanta, Georgia

To become a medical assistant, you’ll need to first have a high school diploma or GED. Once acquired, you can then take the next step, which is obtaining a medical assistant certificate. Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology in Atlanta offers an in-depth Medical Assistant program.

Once completed, you have the option to take various certification exams such as the RMA, CMA and NCCT to solidify your experience.

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