Where Can Medical Assistants Work in Orlando?

Medical assistants are critical members of the patient healthcare team. Their responsibility is to support doctors, nurses and other health professionals with their daily duties. As a medical assistant in Orlando, you have many options when it comes to choosing a place to work.

Where Can a Medical Assistant Work?

Medical assistants are typically found in any healthcare organization throughout Orlando. In fact, medical assistants are in high demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical assistant jobs are expected to grow by 19% between now and 2029, much faster than average. Some of the places you may choose to work include:

  • Hospitals:Hospitals require round-the-clock care for patients of all ages. Medical assistants can choose to work in surgical departments, emergency departments, pediatric wards and even intensive care units.
  • Doctor’s offices: Doctor’s offices often hire medical assistants to assist with all aspects of patient care, from clerical duties such as billing to performing medical tasks. Clinics are great for medical assistants who wish to work with a smaller patient base.
  • Specialty clinics: Specialty clinics such as plastic surgery clinics and cancer-related clinics hire medical assistants who wish to work in a specific niche.
  • Outpatient centers: Outpatient centers are similar to hospitals, only they’re for patients that don’t require an overnight stay. Some patients will need simple surgeries or x-rays.
  • Diagnostic labs: A ton of patient care happens behind-the-scenes. Diagnostic labs will hire medical assistants to help run sample tests and record lab results. They’re also often tasked with calling patients to inform them of their lab results.
  • Long-term care facilities: Nursing homes and in-patient therapy centers also hire medical assistants to support patients requiring long-term care.
What Does a Medical Assistant Do?

No matter where you choose to work, your medical assistant duties will revolve around patient care. For example, you may start your day answering messages from patients and scheduling appointments. Throughout your workday, you’ll get to work face-to-face with patients and their families. Some of your duties may include:

  • Administering medications
  • Performing minor surgical procedures
  • Performing injections such as immunizations
  • Taking and recording patient vitals such as blood pressure
  • Assisting doctors with procedures
  • Obtaining samples for lab tests
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