What Is the Next Level After Medical Assistant in Atlanta?

The Important Role Medical Assistants Play

As a medical assistant, you may have a job you love, but there’s no need to stop there. In fact, being a medical assistant opens the door to a multitude of healthcare careers. No matter how long you’ve been in your career, taking it to the next level can help you achieve a higher salary and fulfill your professional goals. 

With so many options available, making the right choice can be overwhelming. To make it easier we’ve put together some options for you to explore. 

Earn a Certification or Diploma

When you do Cambridge’s Medical Assistant program in Atlanta, you’re also eligible for the Phlebotomy and EKG NCCT certification exams. But if you didn’t earn these extra certifications, never fear! There are lots of options to level up your skills.

By earning another certification or diploma, you can enter a new healthcare field in a short amount of time. Most certification programs only take a matter of weeks or months to complete.

When deciding on a certification or diploma, reflect on what you enjoy most about being an MA. Do you love collecting and analyzing data, or do you prefer patient and staff interaction? This will help you decide which certification is best for you.

Some certification options include:

Stay a Medical Assistant and Advance With a Specialty

If you aren’t ready to move beyond your current profession but still advance in your career, choose a specialty. Just like many other healthcare careers, medical assistants can choose a field they’re most interested in and seek employment opportunities in that area.

You’ll have to do some research and exploration to decide which specialty is right for you. Think about your current skill set and how those skills are transferable to a particular field. Also reflect on which field excites you, how much you’re willing to learn and what kind of environment you want to be in.

For instance, if you enjoy working with children and families, you may want to specialize in family medicine or pediatrics. If you are interested in helping with a variety of cases, emergency medicine might be your speed. And if you are especially talented at compassion and reassurance, oncology or OB-GYN could be where you flourish.

There are endless possibilities for specialties, so take some time to learn about your options and which ones you feel drawn toward. 

Take the Next Step and Advance Your Medical Career 

You have multiple career opportunities you can pursue as a medical assistant in Atlanta. Our team at Cambridge is here to help you navigate so many in-demand options. Talk with one of our advisors by calling 877-206-4279 or send us a message to get information on the many pathways available to you.