What Is the Hardest Part of Being a Medical Assistant in Orlando?

Medical Assistant

Orlando is home to many industry current medical facilities that are always looking for medical assistants to round out their patient care teams. If you’re looking for a career in the medical field, medical assisting might be a great choice for you. Despite the challenges, it’s a rewarding field with plenty of opportunities.

The Challenges of Being a Medical Assistant in Orlando

Any career in the medical field comes with its challenges. After all, you’re dealing with health and supporting patients going through tough times. Some of the hard parts of being a medical assistant may include:

  • Delivering bad news to patients: Although a patient’s doctor will be the one to deliver any diagnosis, you’ll need to be there to support your patient and their family. It can be a difficult and emotional time for all involved.
  • Coping with difficult patients: In moments of pain or frustration with a diagnosis, some patients may lash out. Others may refuse to listen to treatment recommendations or may become frustrated and take it out on you. It’s critical to practice patience in those moments.
  • Fast-paced work: Healthcare is constant. Someone is always in need of help or medical care. As a medical assistant, your work will be fast-paced and there will always be something to do.
  • Emotional loss: You’ll have the opportunity to get close to some of your patients, especially if you work in a long-term care facility. You may also experience the loss of close patients which can be emotionally hard to go through.

How to Conquer the Challenges of Being a Medical Assistant

Sure, these challenges can weigh heavy on the mind of any student interested in a medical career. Yet, you can conquer them and enjoy a rewarding career as a medical assistant.

  • Take care of yourself: Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water and eating well. Our ability to handle difficult situations is impacted by the way we take care of ourselves.
  • Speak to other medical professionals: Talk with others in the field about their experiences and how they manage difficult situations. You’ll learn something and may feel better by talking it out.
  • Find ways to alleviate stress: Find productive ways to eliminate stress such as talking to a counselor, hanging out with your family or doing something you love.

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