What Happens When You Complete a Medical Assistant Training Program in Miami?

Medical Assistant Training Program in Miami

Are you about ready to finish your Medical Assistant program? Congratulations! 

Just getting started on your program? Way to go! 

Either way, you’re nearly ready to start your new career as a medical assistant. There are just a few final steps you’ll need to take to make it happen—and we’re here to help!

Get Certified: How to Obtain Medical Assistant Certification

Right after you graduate, you’ll want to go ahead and obtain certification. There are many reasons why. First, you’ll be able to show future employers that you know your stuff. Second, it will help you stand out from the rest of the applicants going after that dream job.

Some employers may not require the certification for employment. Yet, it’s still a great certification to add to your resumé. Students who graduate from Cambridge are eligible to sit for the RMA, CMA and NCCT national registry certification exams. Plus, if you want to take your career to the next level, you can also become certified in Phlebotomy and EKG.

How do you obtain certification? First, you’ll need to apply for each certification exam. Depending on which ones you take, there may be an entry fee you must pay. Once you take the exam, you’ll receive your results. If you pass, you’ll receive your certification and will be eligible for employment.

Tips for Finding the Perfect New Job After Graduation

After you obtain certification, you’ll be ready to find the perfect new job. Here are a few tips:

  • Determine where you’d like to work: Take some time to think about where you’d like to work. For example, do you want to work in a hospital? A clinic? Maybe you want to work with children in pediatrics. Medical assistants have many options.
  • Prepare your resumé: Be sure to add your new certification and education to your resumé. Show off those newfound skills!
  • Research job opportunities: You can visit the websites of those facilities you’d like to work for to find open job opportunities. Or, try an online job board such as Monster or Indeed.
  • Reach out to Cambridge for help: Having trouble finding an opportunity? Cambridge can help! Through our Job Placement services, we can help you find the perfect position with one of our partners.

Want to Learn More About How Cambridge Can Help You Start Your New Career in Miami?

Miami is a great place to start your new medical assistant career. Whether you’re at the end of your program or just getting started, Cambridge is here to help you start your new career. To learn more about our program or how we can help, give us a call at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.