Walter Reed Medical Center—Washington, DC: Cambridge’s Leadership helping serve Wounded Warriors!

Cambridge’s CEO donated food and served meals at the last two Annual July 4th barbeques at Walter Reed Medical Center!

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta hosted the large barbeque and served barbecued steaks and chicken, a variety of homemade salads baked potatoes and drinks to a record 850 people. The Order of Malta had the 100 volunteers.

The Walter Reed barbeque event’s takeaways were multiple! This is another humbling experience of how to care of others. Cambridge tries to use these examples in developing its student-centered culture and further creating effective future leaders into people that help the sick.

The event’s doctors and medical staff participants come from various medical professions including; internal medicine, radiology oncology, radiation therapy, registered nurses, licensed nursing practitioners, medical assistants, License Nursing Practioners, Phlebotomy, therapists and other healthcare related professionals.

These are the types of leadership experiences we will continue to further enhance Cambridge’s core culture with and show how to helps others. Giving back is a centerpiece of our faculty’s healthcare leadership teachings and is part of Cambridge’s underlying values and foundation.