The Important Role Medical Assistants Play in Palm Beach

The Important Role Medical Assistants Play

Becoming a medical assistant in Palm Beach means you’ll be an important member of a patient care team, often getting to know your patients better than high-level specialists. That’s because medical assistants work directly with patients to provide fundamental care.

As a medical assistant, you might prep your patients for exams, perform minor procedures and schedule patient appointments, as well as many other important tasks. You’ll directly shape the way your patients view the medical system—and the way they feel about the care they receive.

Medical Assistants Are An Important Part of a Larger Team

Still, you won’t be working solo. You’ll be an important part of a larger medical team, one that includes doctors, nurses, specialists and other providers. In your role, you’ll help things run smoothly at the clinic or hospital where you work together. 

Because of you, appointments will run on time, doctors will have the information they need to diagnose and treat a range of illnesses and injuries, and patients will be more likely to follow the medical instructions they get about their care. 

Medical Assistants Perform Essential Healthcare Tasks

Medical assistants have many different duties, depending on where they work in the healthcare system. As a medical assistant, you may:

  • Perform basic lab tests
  • Sterilize medical instruments
  • Help patients understand how to take their medication
  • Prepare patients for X-rays
  • Remove stitches
  • Draw blood
  • Change dressings
  • Answer phones and schedule medical appointments
  • Complete insurance forms

These tasks are some of the most necessary in our healthcare system. Without medical assistants to answer the phone, patients may not get the timely care they need. And without medical assistants to explain medicine and dietary instructions, patients may make critical mistakes that put their health in jeopardy.

Medical Assistants Are a Friendly Face in a Busy System

Patients often feel apprehensive about getting medical care. They often put off getting needed care because of worry over the expense, worry over getting bad medical news, or past bad experiences. Of all the providers on the healthcare team, medical assistants are often in the best position to comfort nervous patients and provide calming, compassionate care.

This is especially important because the medical system is busier than ever. Doctors often feel pressured to see many patients each day and can spend little time with each one. Medical assistants are the ones who can sit with a patient before an exam and who have the time to follow up afterward. They are friendly faces in a busy system.

Become a Medical Assistant in Palm Beach: Make a Difference

Medical assistants truly make a difference in their patients’ lives. If you’re thinking about becoming a medical assistant in Palm Beach, talk with us about your options. Start by giving us a call at 877-206-4279 or sending us a message.