The Important Role Medical Assistants Play in Miami

The Important Role Medical Assistants Play

Of all of the healthcare providers working in Miami today, medical assistants are some of the most important and necessary. Medical assistants provide care directly to patients throughout Miami’s healthcare system. They come to know their patients and, in doing so, are often the ones who make the biggest difference in their patients’ lives.

Medical Assistants Can Be Found Working Across Healthcare

In Miami, medical assistants work in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, critical care facilities, specialty clinics, doctor’s offices, emergency departments and more. There are many important functions that medical assistants do, including:

  • Schedule patient appointments for care related to illnesses and injuries, as well as for follow-up care
  • Prep patients for exams and surgical procedures
  • Measure and record patient vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, height, weight)
  • Perform injections and minor procedures such as suturing
  • Code and bill procedures for insurance billing purposes
  • Perform administrative duties such as returning patient phone calls, answering questions and connecting patients with the rest of their care team

Medical Assistants Provide Direct Patient Care

These important job functions put medical assistants in direct touch with the patients they treat. A specialist may meet with the patient for only a few minutes, but a medical assistant is often the first person the patient sees when they come to the hospital or clinic in need of medical help.

A medical assistant may be the person that the patient speaks with on the phone every time they have a question and the one who calls them to remind them about follow-up appointments. Patients will truly get to know you and depend on you to help them feel comfortable with the care they receive.

Medical Assistants Are an Important Part of a Healthcare Team

But medical assistants don’t just work with patients in a vacuum. They’re an important part of a larger medical team that includes doctors, nurses and medical specialists. Medical assistants keep things running smoothly in the hospital or clinic so that these other professionals can focus on doing their jobs too.

As a medical assistant, you may make sure that a doctor on your team has access to the lab results necessary to make a diagnosis. You could help the patient understand and follow the doctor’s instructions. You could also make sure that the patient is prepped for a procedure on time so that the doctor completing the procedure stays on schedule for the day.

Take the Next Step Towards a Medical Assistant Career in Miami

There are many reasons medical assistants are an important part of the care team. If you’re thinking about taking the next step towards becoming a medical assistant in Miami, talk with us about your options. To get started, give us a call at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.