The Important Role Medical Assistants Play in Atlanta

The Important Role Medical Assistants Play

Certified medical assistants (also known as CMAs) are important members of the care team. They provide direct patient care under the supervision of doctors and nurses. Medical assistants are fundamental to the care of patients in Atlanta area healthcare facilities, including hospitals, critical care facilities, specialty clinics, doctor’s offices, emergency departments and more.

Medical Assistants Do Important Work at Local Hospitals and Clinics

As a medical assistant, you’ll complete many important tasks such as prepping patients for exams, performing minor procedures and scheduling patient appointments. You may be the first provider who talks with a patient when they come to a clinic, and you may be the provider who makes sure they come back for needed follow-up care after an illness or injury.

For that reason, patients often remember medical assistants more than they remember doctors and specialists who help treat them. Medical assistants are truly the face of healthcare in Atlanta.

Medical Assistants Help Spot Emergency Medical Issues

Because medical assistants are often the first ones to meet with a patient who has come to the hospital or clinic for care, they can be the providers who help the team spring into action when an emergency seems likely. You may be able to spot red flags for critical medical issues that others miss, and you can help care run smoothly when patients are worried about their health.

Medical Assistants Help Care Run Smoothly

Medical assistants help care run smoothly in other ways too. Their work can help make sure that electronic medical records are accurate and reflect the care provided. Their work will also ensure that the clinic runs on schedule and that doctors and nurses are available on time. 

Medical assistants also make it possible for doctors and nurses to focus on their own jobs, knowing that critical details are being handled by the medical assistant on their team.

Medical Assistants Are the Face of Healthcare

With doctors and nurses busier than ever before, medical assistants are often the ones who spend time talking with patients about their health concerns. 

A medical assistant may help a nervous patient feel calmer about a procedure. They may help a patient who doesn’t understand her follow-up instructions get clarification. And they may answer the phone when someone with a health concern calls the clinic.

Doctors and nurses may not have time to sit and talk with patients, but medical assistants make sure that patients still feel supported while getting the care they need.

Make a Difference as a Medical Assistant in Atlanta

Medical assistants are important members of the care team who truly make a difference in their patients’ lives. If you’re thinking about becoming a medical assistant in Atlanta or the surrounding communities, talk with us about how to get started. Give us a call at 877-206-4279 or send us a message.