Thanksgiving Thank You Note

Dear Cambridge College Staff, Faculty and Friends,

While thinking about what to write each of you during this approaching Thanksgiving holiday, I can only think of all the people out there suffering from diseases and illnesses that we are striving to help! That is our Cambridge goal, helping others!

This thank you note finds our staff, students, and faculty starting our Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  The Thanksgiving activities that follow as our classes are concluding and examinations are held before the end of the year are significant for each of you. I hope that we can all stop and take time to be thankful. I hope that we all take this time to cherish our families and friends.

There are a lot of things that deserve thanks at Cambridge. Yes, there are too many to list in any short thank you. Just recently, I have seen so many classes, lectures, community service activities, and discussions. These events are focused on each of us getting better. I am totally grateful for the healing culture we have established and loving nature we have created. Cambridge’s culture and desire to help others is what defines a truly great allied health and healthcare training Institute and College.

I, again, am especially grateful for all the people who work so hard to facilitate what happens on our campuses. This always includes faculty, students, alumni, our clinical sites and the community’s interaction. We are truly focused on creating a great platform for each of our student’s to grow into something special in their professions and in life.

I hope that, every day, each of us notices how hard our team members and students work to help our community be at its best.