Student Spotlight: Catherina Zambrano

Cambridge Student Spotlight
Highlighting the Accomplishments of Cambridge Graduates

I graduated December 2019 in the first graduating ultrasound class of Cambridge Institute of Allied Health and Technology, Altamonte Springs campus. The DMS program was great. The teachers were very knowledgeable and we learned various types of ultrasound, which is unique to this program. The program was very hands on, which helps make you an awesome tech, and the clinical rotations really help you see all the different types of jobs you can have in ultrasound. I was very fortunate to be offered a job from one of my sites. I started January 2020 as a mobile cardiovascular tech working in primary care practices. COVID-19 hit and slowed down work for a few months due to many offices closing. I used the time to study, take and pass my echo registry. Since July, doctor’s offices opened again and we have been back to working full time, just in a more secure environment. The virus has changed the way we do things. The offices ask the patients questions about COVID-19 prior to scheduling. Temperatures are checked before allowing entrance to the facility, screening paperwork is signed and questions are asked again about the virus. Masks are the new normal and are worn at all times. We clean and sanitize everything after every patient. We also have face shields we can wear as we feel necessary. Washing your hands and using sanitizer is a constant. The pandemic has definitely made our day to day interesting and busier, but we adapt to keep everyone safe. I am grateful for my job and enjoy the healthcare service we provide even in these crazy times. I’m thankful for the skills I learned at Cambridge that helped get me where I am today.

– Catherina Zambrano Novillo, RDCS