Florida Hospital’s Ryan Bailey gives Cambridge Graduation Speech

Ryan Bailey, Florida Hospital Human Resources Recruiter, gave the following graduation speech for Cambridge Institute Graduation 2016.

The following is a transcription of the video:

Ryan: How’s everybody doing?

All: Good.

Ryan: How’s everybody doing?

All: Good.

Ryan: Good. I want you to talk to me tonight, all right? First I want everybody to say, “It’s on.”

All: It’s on.

Ryan: Now I want all the graduates to stand up. You in blue. Now I want all the moms of the graduates to stand up. Now I want all the dads of the graduates to stand up. Now I want all the friends of the graduates to stand up. Now I want all the instructors of the graduates to stand up. Now graduates, I want you to look around and notice that you couldn’t have done this by yourself. So at the count of three, I want everybody to say, “We did it.” One, two, three.

All: We did it.

Ryan: Say it again.

All: We did it.

Ryan: Say it louder.

All: We did it.

Ryan: Give yourselves a round of applause. I believe that it’s very important for you to know that we did it because there’s no “I” in team. The “E” in team actually means everybody. So when you look at the word “team”, the “T” stands for together, the “E” stands for everyone, the “A” stands for accomplishes, and the “M” stands for more. So as a team, everyone…together everyone accomplishes more. Can I get a volunteer right quick? Please, somebody, not all at once, a volunteer. Theresa, come on up Theresa. So I have a set of car keys here, right? So Theresa, with a finger, I want you to try to take my car keys away, with a finger. Okay, you see she can’t do it, right, with one finger by herself, right? Now I want you to use your hand and take away my car keys. Oh you took that pretty quick, okay. Okay, give me my keys back. Thank you, Theresa.

So the point of me showing that is that when you try to do things by yourself, you probably won’t be able to accomplish it, but when you come together as a group, as a team, as a unity, you will be able to accomplish the things that have been placed in your life to do. So when you think of the word, “we did it”, I’m going to break down each letter as a acronym meaning for something. So the “E” stands for expectation. Everybody say, “expectation.”

All: Expectation.

Ryan: Every day, you have to tell yourself what kinda day that you’re gonna have. For example, in the morning every day I tell myself that I’m gonna have a great day. I literally look in the mirror and I have to say, “You know what Ryan, you’re gonna have a great day today. Something good is gonna happen to me today.” You have to expect every day that something good is gonna happen regardless of what your situation is. Don’t have an expectation for negative things but have an expectation for positive things. Your mind and your mouth should only be filled with positive things. With your mind and your mouth, you can build an atmosphere of positivity. The world that we live in is so full of negativity, but you can be a person that can bring positivity in a negative world. So why don’t you be that positive person that this world needs to have.

There’s two types of people in this world. Person number one, they walk into the room and everybody’s like, “Oh lord, here they go.” You feel like a negative vibe. You know, people start frowning. But then person number two, when they walk in the room, people like, “Oh good, here comes Rebecca,” or “Here comes Theresa,” or “Here comes Dr. Q.” You know that they’re gonna bring something good to the table. So be that person that brings people hope and healing and not hurt and a bad feeling. Everybody say, “‘D’ for diligence.”

All: “D” for diligence.

Ryan: There’s a Bible verse in Proverbs 12:24 that says, “Work hard and become a leader. Be lazy and become a slave.” I wanna ask you tonight, do you wanna be a leader or do you wanna be a slave?

All: A leader.

Ryan: All right, amen. Talk to me, I hear you over there. Be the hardest worker, be the best worker, be the on-time and early worker. Always know what time it is so you can be early to the meeting, to the job. Don’t be known as lazy or crazy. Be known as the person who has integrity, character and excellence. Learn how to be the employee who knows how to operate in what I call the “five Ps”. You’re the person who’s prayerful, you’re the person who’s productive, you’re the person who’s positive, you’re the person who’s polite and you’re the person who’s professional. It doesn’t mean that you’re perfect, but be the person who does their best to do what’s right because it’s right. No one is perfect. We are all humans, we all make mistakes, but the best things about mistakes is that they can be erased or corrected. Don’t be average. Be different. Be excellent. Be the best. The “I” is for increase, everybody say, “Increase.”

All: Increase.

Ryan: Think beyond where you are now. Okay, you graduated and that’s great, but you did not graduate to stop, you graduated to be on top so you can move on, you can move forward, you can move up in life. But what’s next after you party tonight? After you finish talking [SP], are you ready to start working? What’s your plan? What do you really wanna do? What is your dream? Each day, you should get up with a goal on your mind to accomplish. This morning when I woke up, I laid in bed and my first goal was to get outta bed. That was a goal, I achieved it, I’m here tonight. But as I thought through throughout the morning I’ll set, like, two or three goals each day, things that I wanna put before me to accomplish.

You have to say the goals, then you have to go do the goals. Set goals for yourself. Set a goal for yourself every day and watch good things happen. How many of you are familiar with soccer? Oh just three, okay. How many of you are familiar with soccer? Okay, thank you. So what does the sports announcer say when the person hits the goal?

All: Goal.

Ryan: GOAL, right? So you gotta be excited about your goal. Always be excited about accomplishing something no matter how big or no matter how small. So let me ask you again, do you have a dream? What is your dream? What is your dream? Think about your dream and write it down. Dream about something that you really wanna do, go for it. Everybody say, “Go for it.”

All: Go for it.

Ryan: So at my home, I have stairs that go from my living room to the top floor. And it takes exactly 19 steps to get from the bottom floor to the top floor. But in order for me to reach the top, I have to what, take one step at a time. Dreams do not come overnight. Dreams were designed for it to come true and to happen. Dreams happen one step at a time. Every time you take one step, you are going higher, you’re going further, and you’re getting one step closer to where you wanna be in life. Now the next “D” is for determine. Everybody say, “Determine.”

All: Determine.

Ryan: How many of you like chocolate cake? Oh I heard an amen right there, okay. So there’s a restaurant in California that serves some of the best chocolate cake that I’ve ever had in my life. But where we were staying in California, it was about maybe a hour away from where we were staying at. But the people I was with, I was like, “You know what, rain, sleet or snow, we’re gonna get some cake tonight.” This place has big pieces of chocolate cake with ice cream on top, baptized in chocolate sauce, with a cherry on top. I mean, this cake is the real deal.

So we pull up to the restaurant, little did we know that the place was closed. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too. But when I got to the door, there was a young female worker in there and she had the “closed” sign on, right? So me being persistent, I knocked on the door. She looked at me like, “Sir, we’re closed.” I looked at her like, “No, it’s going down.” But I kept knocking on the door. The manager came. He says, “Sir, we’re closed.” I said, “But you don’t understand. I’m 6 feet, 285 pounds for a reason. I’ve drove too far to be denied.” And some of you tonight have gone so far in life that you have gone too far to be denied. But you have to be persistent. You have to make up your mind that you will not be stopped or denied. Nobody in no situation is gonna stop me from reaching my goals, dreams and my future. If you have been through adversity, or if you’ve been through some things, if you are still going through some things, you have to call it a minor setback for the major comeback. Say it with me, “Minor setback.”

All: Minor setback.

Ryan: “For the major comeback.”

All: For the major comeback.

Ryan: You have to be possessed to get success. No matter how hard it gets, you have been through too much to stop or go backwards. You have come too far to be denied. You were designed to progress through life. You were created to achieve and help others achieve their goals and dreams. Don’t be passive, be aggressive about pursuing your dreams. What you do for someone else will actually happen for you. I wanna share a little story with you about determination. I grew up in Houston, Texas on the south side. I grew up in the black and the Hispanic community. So when I grew up, we were learning how to make piñatas. Anybody familiar with a piñata? All right. So with the piñata, it’s basically an object that you create and you can use like newspaper or something that can wrap a whole bunch of candy in it, right? And so when you finish making the piñata, you decorate it, right? How many know I’m telling the truth tonight, right?

So you get like a stick or a bat and you start hitting at the piñata, right? But sometimes it may not feel like the piñata is actually gonna break for you, but a person who really wants that candy is gonna keep hitting at that piñata until that piñata busts open. So you keep hitting at that piñata and you keep hitting at that piñata and eventually it starts to crack. And then eventually that one crack turns into two cracks and then two cracks turns into a big hole. And soon enough, candy starts to fall out. And I’m telling you tonight that if you keep going, if you keep saying to yourself that I am determined, that I am persistent, the prize that is wrapped for you in life will eventually come out for you. Somebody say “amen” to that.

All: Amen.

Ryan: Now, the next one is impossible. Everybody say, “Impossible.”

All: Impossible.

Ryan: Well I got some… Oh I hear some kids in here, I like that. There’s no such thing as something being impossible. The Bible says, “With God, all things are possible.” So remember that you cannot achieve your dreams by yourself. You need God in your life to take the impossible and make it possible. A fool says to themselves, “I don’t need God.” But a smart person says, “I need God.” Will you be a smart person tonight? Last but not least is “T” for being Thankful. Everybody say, “Thankful.”

All: Thankful.

Ryan: Everybody in here has something to be thankful for. You woke up this morning. You had a way to the church to see somebody that you know, that you love, graduate. You have food to eat, you had eyes to see. There’s so many things that you could be thankful for. A matter of fact, Ms. Theresa, this is one of your favorite phrases. I say, “You have to have the attitude of gratitude to reach the altitude of magnitude.” A person who is thankful, there is no place that that person can’t go. If you have a good or if you have a…actually if you have a bad attitude and you complain, that person will remain the same. But a person who gives God the praise, that person will eventually get the raise. Say “amen” to that.

All: Amen.

Ryan: A person with a bad attitude is like somebody who pass gas. Nobody wants to be around that person. So a person who is thankful has a sweet fragrance, like a cologne or a perfume that gravitates to people. So every day that you wake up, you should be thankful that you are one day closer to reaching your dreams. I wanna say congratulations to all the graduates. All you have to do is wake up and go for it. I wanna end this session or my speaking opportunity with a prayer. I feel like we’re in the house of God, we gonna let the Lord know that we thank Him and we gonna ask Him to do something good in all of the graduates’ life. Let’s just pray.

Heavenly Father, we come before you right now in the precious name of Jesus. Father, we come bolded to your throne of grace to obtain mercy and help in a time of need. And Father, we thank You right now for every graduate in this room. We thank You, Lord, that You have a plan, You have a purpose, You have a vision, You have a destiny for every person that is graduating tonight. We thank You, Lord, that You will honor them for their studies, You will honor them for their hard work. And Father, we call in and we declare and we pray for great jobs, with great pay, with great benefits, with great locations, with a great hours in the name of Jesus. Father, we thank You that Your glory, Your grace, and Your goodness will be seen in the life of every graduate tonight in Jesus’ name. And everybody say it, amen.

All: Amen.

Ryan: Thank you so much.

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